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Strategic skills solutions to drive business growth

Strategic skills solutions to drive business growth

Unlocking your organisation’s full potential through tailored skills development

At City & Guilds, we understand the challenges faced by learning and development (L&D) teams in today's dynamic business landscape. As organisations evolve, so do their learning needs and we're here to help you overcome the hurdles and unlock your full potential.

In today's fast-paced business world, organisations face a range of pressing issues that can hinder growth and progress. From talent retention and leadership development to compliance and technological advancements, aligning L&D priorities with overall business objectives can be a daunting task.

Empowering your skills strategy

We believe that investing in L&D training is the key to resolving these challenges. Our holistic approach empowers your workforce and aligns L&D goals with overall business objectives, creating a seamless pathway to success. Our experience working with global employers like yours allows us to craft tailored solutions that deliver measurable results.

We are here to support you

Discover new avenues for growth through our Skills Discovery Session. Our evaluation delves deep into your organisation's skills development landscape, identifying your challenges and opportunities.

Tailored to your unique needs, our follow up report will provide insights to drive your organisation forward. Request a complimentary time slot with us, and with no obligations, access a tailored report to inform your skills strategy.

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Success stories: Unleashing potential through learning & development

Discover how our consultancy services have made a difference in organisations like yours. Read our case studies and testimonials to understand how our services have helped businesses unlock their full potential.

Discover how global hospitality chain Papa John's, in collaboration with ILM, has Assured its leadership programs, ensuring the delivery of a consistent, high-quality training experience across its branches worldwide.                               

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Uncover how Kineo's innovative approach, centered on accessibility, enhanced Credit Suisse's e-learning, fostering inclusivity and engagement, addressing business challenges.                                                                                                      

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Explore how Moonpig's 'Brave Conversations' initiative, supported by The Oxford Group, cultivated constructive dialogues and improved feedback, strengthening internal relationships and fostering a positive cultural shift.

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Each City & Guilds business has a distinct focus, and our combined knowledge and expertise provides our customers with a comprehensive range of solutions.

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Meet the team

Get to know our team of highly skilled Client Managers who are passionate about delivering impactful services:

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Paula Gibson

Client Manager

Paula has dedicated over 20 years to the education and skills sector. She possesses comprehensive experience in effectively bridging the gap between educational institutions and the ever-evolving demands of various industries. Paula's particular focus revolves around providing specialised guidance to major corporate entities, offering them customised training solutions to foster the development of future talent pipelines.

Paula's key proficiency lies in skillfully identifying critical gaps in knowledge and expertise. Her approach involves crafting innovative solutions that integrate funded provisions with industry requirements, ultimately driving sustainable growth.
joe bell profile thumbnail

Joe Bell

Client Manager

Joe has an impressive 16-year track record in the field of training and education, Joe has forged prosperous alliances with various stakeholders, including FE Colleges, Training Providers, Higher Education Institutions, and more recently, National and Global Employers.

Joe brings substantial expertise to the table, spanning both accredited and non-accredited Learning and Development projects. He is deeply committed to fostering collaboration with clients, working diligently to harmonise their skills strategy with broader business objectives. His ultimate goal is to ensure that training initiatives deliver tangible impacts for both the organization and the individual.
gemma edwards profile thumbnail

Gemma Edwards

Client Manager

Gemma has dedicated 12 years to the education sector, concentrating on aiding global employers in strategic workforce planning across multiple stages, ranging from early careers to leadership and management.

Throughout her career, Gemma has flourished in the further education sector, working closely with employers and training organisations. Her primary focus has been on identifying both regulated and non-regulated skills solutions to effectively address organisational requirements.