Recognising the impact apprentices make

National Apprenticeship Week is a great opportunity to celebrate the positive impact apprentices make and shout about their achievements.

At City & Guilds we believe every apprentice making a positive impact is helping to build the future. Throughout National Apprenticeship Week we are giving employers and training providers the opportunity to nominate their apprentices for a #NAW22 City & Guilds Positive Personal or Team Impact award.

We will share their nominations in the form of an #apprenticeshipshoutout via social media and issue every apprentice a digital credential, that they can share with their networks to celebrate their achievements.

This year we will also be offering every nominated apprentice the chance to join an exclusive CPD event with leading industry experts focused on professional development.

You can nominate your apprentices for either a Personal Impact award or Team Impact award via the links below;

Nomination – personal impact

Nomination – team impact

We hope you are looking forward to NAW22 as much as we are.

For more information into how we support apprenticeships visit the apprenticeships section of our website.

Celebrating success in 2021

Last year our #apprenticeshout out campaign saw over 700 digital credentials awarded, and the comments alongside the nominations were really inspiring.

We were proud to publish them here for the apprentices to see. Take a look at the document below to see how we celebrated success in 2021.

View the nominees