Driving apprentice success with Jace Training - case study 

Jace training photoHow training provider Jace Training is supporting apprenticeship success through best practice and focus on the impact of the apprentice.

JACE support the triangulation in learning on the job, off the job, face to face and online in partnership with learners and employers. From in-depth mock presentations to prepare for end-point assessment to guided reflection on apprentices’ experiences in the workplace, the Jace Training team has consistently delivered exceptional apprenticeship results with 93% of learners achieving a distinction in 2021. 

Working across sectors including early years and youth work, Jace Training offers a range of courses and programmes with a focus on business administration and leadership and management. Using the years of experience from working and delivering training in their chosen sector, Jace Training prioritises best practice and centring the learner to create an environment that makes it easier for apprentices to access the benefits of apprenticeships

How Jace Training deliver apprenticeship success in the face of training challenges

According to a report from think tank EDSK almost half of all apprentices drop out before completing their apprenticeship with more than 70% of those reporting issues with their training programmes. These numbers paint a stark picture for providers and learners, indicating the depth of the challenges that both face when aiming for apprenticeship success. 

Amy - Jace learnerThere are many factors that have contributed to Jace Training’s high rate of apprenticeship success. One factor the team emphasises is the importance of prioritising and maintaining open and frank communication with both learners and employers throughout their training programmes.

By prioritising the learner at every stage, Jace Training can find job roles for their learners that align precisely with apprenticeship standards, forming a mutually beneficial relationship between learners and their employers.

To further enhance this alignment all curriculums are updated annually, ensuring that the training being delivered is as up to date as possible and every job description closely matches the requirements of the qualification.

When partnerships with employers have been established, events like breakfast meetings give line managers a chance to share any concerns and ask any questions, to help make sure that they have a full understanding of what is expected of them. These opportunities also allow for feedback in both directions, helping employers to learn from Jace and from each other to avoid common apprenticeship pitfalls and lets the Jace team hear what has and hasn’t worked for the employers and their apprentices.

Rebekah, a Level 3 Business Administrator apprentice spoke about how Jace supported her through her qualification: “Each session I came away with learning something new. The support I received from Jace, especially my tutor Natalie, was outstanding. When preparing for end-point assessment I was very nervous, but Natalie was always there supporting me, encouraging me, and giving feedback to help me improve.” 

Working with City & Guilds

Jace Training have been working with City & Guilds for 25 years and this relationship has remained vital at every stage of the process from support with training delivery to City & Guilds acting as their end-point assessment organisation. “We let them [employers] know that we’re working with City & Guilds straightaway,” commented Natalie Ramkissoon, Business Development Lead for Jace Training.

“One of the other things we do is make sure that we keep up with all the City & Guilds news and events through Dominic Green. In our meetings and forums we find out if there’s anything happening that we need to know about, any updates with training, what end-point assessment organisations have found within their grading, whether that be the pass criteria, the distinction criteria, key fail points that people have found as well so we don’t repeat those mistakes.” 

Changing lives through skills development

By combining their own resources and expertise with the experience of City & Guilds, Jace Training have developed reliable methods of preparing learners for end-point assessment and imparting the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will prepare them for the future and allow them to make an immediate impact in their roles. 

“We work in partnership with our employers and learners to run their projects. So, they choose their own projects to make sure they're real, they're current and they're actually going to make a difference to the business while meeting all criteria properly. They're not just ticking boxes; they're going to make a difference to their jobs and hopefully they extend on within their career path throughout that as well.” 

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Jace Training began life as an organisation with the goal of offering development opportunities to people within the Jancett Group which consists of nurseries, after school, breakfast and holiday clubs that celebrate 55 years in 2024. Following the success of this initial training their reputation spread and they began operating externally, delivering a high rate of success for the last 40 years. 

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