Wren Kitchens: Nurturing homegrown talent through apprenticeships

In this video, we hear from Wren Kitchens’ Development Manager and apprentices about how apprenticeship benefit the organisation and the individual. 

Apprenticeships are a great way for organisations to develop their pipeline of talent while bringing new people into industry. At the same time, they give learners access to hands-on training to kick-start or boost their careers. 

At Wren Kitchens, apprentices are seen as essential to the future of the organisation. Not only do they bring in “fresh ideas and new outlooks”, as Wren Kitchens' Development Manager Grant Kenworthy explains, but by home-growing their talent Wren develops employees “who become the best at what they do”.  

Through the Training Academy, Wren apprentices get access to a wide range of training facilities to support their skills development, and all-important support and guidance from experts in their field. As Grant believes, “As an employer, if you get behind the apprentice, you'll get the reward on the other side.” 

In this video, we speak with Grant and two Transport Supervisor apprentices Sarah Waltham and Daniel Puckering about what apprenticeships mean to them, and their one piece of advice to anyone considering apprenticeships. 

Watch the video below

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