Customer Solutions

City & Guilds Customer Solutions service is designed to support Employers, colleges and training providers to develop bespoke and/or customised products to meet their organisational or sector needs. The service offers support and guidance from our expert teams who will assist to scope, define, design and develop/customise a product based on individual customer or industry requirements.



Bespoke solutions

What is a Bespoke solution?

A Bespoke solution is a product specifically created/developed for a customer if there is no existing product/qualification which would fulfil the customer’s needs. The customer can decide if they need the qualification to meet the requirements of the qualification regulators by placing on a regulated framework in England, Wales, Scotland and/or N Ireland (which could limit flexibility) or if they would prefer a non-framework development through City & Guilds alone, providing flexibility of build whilst still embedding rigor and quality assurance.

What's involved?

Our expert teams will work with you to scope, define and design your qualification to ensure that the resultant product is fit for purpose and equips your employees/learners with recognised skills which offer clear career pathways through a specific organisation or industry allowing them to “do their existing job” and “move to their next role”. We will work with you to write the content of the qualification units and assessments combining your industry/subject matter expertise and our educational and qualification know how.

Bespoke Qualifications

City & Guilds have developed Bespoke solutions with their customers, which can be viewed here.



Customised solutions

What is a Customised solution?

A Customised solution is taking a standard qualification (which sits on a regulated framework) and modifying it for a specific customer, but still leaving it compliant with the regulator(s). Modifications are often asked for when the existing qualification either does not cover or over covers the learning required and therefore small amendments or “tweaks” are made to the existing qualification to ensure the standard product matches the needs of that customer. Emphasis is placed on the fact that it is only “small tweaks” as if the customer requires substantial modifications to content then the qualification would cease to meet the criteria of the original qualification and thus would be classified as a “Bespoke” product.

What's involved?

Our expert teams will work with you to scope and define the modifications required to the existing qualification to ensure that the resultant product is fit for purpose.

Customer Solutions