Celebrate EPA success with Digital Credentials

Your apprentices work tirelessly to achieve success in end-point assessment (EPA). So, it’s important that their achievement as a qualified apprentice is quickly and widely recognised.

City & Guilds and ILM will award a digital credential on successful completion of their apprenticeship, so that they can let the world know what they’ve achieved in a fast, shareable and credible way.

In addition to the existing online certificates of achievement for individual EPA components and the final overall grade, we’ll be issuing all apprentices with a graded digital credential when they complete their EPA with us.

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Making EPA achievements shareable and informative

What are digital credentials?

Digital credentials, also known as “digital badges” or “open badges,” are a digital representation of a skills achievement.

Unlike a paper certificate, digital credentials are easily shareable, verifiable and trackable all in one click.

Digital credentials are a portable, verified and data-rich standard that  recognise and communicate achievements. They’re used by leading companies who need to consistently upskill their workforce such as IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle.


Digital credentials are built to be shared online - in CVs, displayed in email signatures and on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Sharing credentials will help your apprentices  reach new audiences and celebrate their success widely.


Show potential clients the expertise of your apprentices and help your centre or employer stand out from competitors using a verifiable format. Digital credentials show additional information about your training and the standards that person has met, accessed at the click of a button.

What are the benefits for apprentices?

  • digital credentials let the world know what apprentices have accomplished quickly and easily
  • celebrate success and hard work with a shareable asset to expand reach
  • apprentices can share their credentials across various social media platforms with all of their contacts
  • apprentices’ skills and commitment to their apprenticeship success will be noticed by friends, family, colleagues, employers and prospective clients
  • digital credentials provide evidence from a credible source , aligned to modern industry standards.

What are the benefits for apprentice employers and providers?

  • digital credentials have been shown to foster competition, increase employee satisfaction and engagement, retain top talent and help employees future proof their careers
  • enable your apprentices to become brand ambassadors, and reach new audiences with your apprenticeship offer as your participants share their achievements on social media across the web in a secure and verifiable way
  • by using the City & Guilds/ ILM brands to showcase the quality of your centres’ apprenticeships, your organisation sends a strong message about its investment in training and skills development.

What does an EPA digital credential look like – and what data does it contain?

Below is an example of an EPA digital credential.

epa digital badgeThere's data inside:
badge name,
badge URL (description),
badge image,
issue date,
expiry date,
evidence URL,
details on the skills learned,
earning criteria for the achievement.

Find out more about digital credentials or talk to your business manager.