Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a digital credential?

Digital credential is an easy way to help you communicate a skill or achievement online in a secure way.

They contain comprehensive data including who has earned the badge, its criteria, learning evidence and who has endorsed it. All of this information is packaged within a small badge image file that can be displayed via online CV’s and social networking sites.

What information does a digital credential include?

Each credential earned contains data about the individual’s skills within a portable image file. This data can be viewed when they display and share their credentials. Data within a digital credential includes:

  • badge name
  • badge URL (description)
  • badge image
  • issuer
  • issue date
  • alignment
  • expiry date
  • evidence URL
  • details on the skills learned
  • earning criteria for the achievement

How are digital credentials issued?

A digital credential is issued to a learner upon successful completion of their City & Guilds/ILM qualification, where a valid learner email address has been provided. A digital credential cannot be issued without a learner's email address.

We treat personal data with the utmost care and privacy. To find out more about how we process personal data concerning the issuing of learners' digital credentials, please read our privacy policy.

How does it work?

A digital credential is simply the online representation of a credential. They are a visual, data-rich and secure format that communicates and verifies the knowledge and skills attained. By using the open badge standard, no matter who the issuer is, the earner can collect and showcase and share all of their achievements together.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a digital credential?

We will send you an email via Acclaim by Credly to let you know you have been awarded a digital credential. You simply need to set up an account and accept your badge – then you’re ready to go.

How do I use my digital credential?

Once you’ve been awarded and have accepted a digital credential, you can embed the image online wherever you like. On your digital CV, on social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter, or on your website or blog and share it with friends and colleagues via email. People viewing these sites can click onto the credential, and it will take them through to the Acclaim by Credly website, where they can see all of the information on that skill or achievement.

Please refer to our Getting Started Guide - a step by step process on how earners can accept, share, and ensure they  make the most of their credentials.

How to upload learners email addresses on Walled Garden?

We have prepared an easy to use guide to help you input your learners' details on Walled Garden. Providing learners' email addresses on Walled Garden ensures we can issue the credential directly to them. Follow our short guide on how to upload your learners’ email addresses below.

Watch the video

Download the how-to guide

How can centres ensure their learners receive a digital credential?

When registering the learner's mandatory details, please ensure to add in the learner's email address found under the 'add optional details' section within Walled Garden. Upon successful completion of their course, learners will receive an email from City & Guilds/ILM via Acclaim by Credly platform, which will enable them to accept their badge.

A digital credential cannot be issued without a learner's email address.

How does Acclaim by Credly protect my information?

To claim your digital credential, you are required to share your name and email address with Acclaim by Credly. However, although Credly is a US based organisation, the platform is fully GDPR compliant, you can find further information on this here.

And remember, you are in control of what you share and make visible to other users. Define what you choose to share by opting for private or public to determine if your credentials can be seen by others.

Just watch out for these eye icons – closed means private and open means it is public and can be seen by others if you choose to share your profile.

Where do I go if I have questions about my digital credentials?

Please email us at

There’s also lots of useful resources within the Acclaim by Credly platform, visit the Help Centre that includes support articles and video available 24/7.