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What are digital credentials?

Digital credentials are data-rich representations of knowledge, skills, or behaviours developed through the learning programme - fully verified by City & Guilds. They provide portable and verifiable information about skills and achievements at the click of a button.

We know you work tirelessly to achieve success in your qualifications and EPA, so it is important that your achievement is instantly and widely recognised.

Learn how to claim, accept and share your digital credentials in our short video below.

Why accept and share your digital credential?

leadership iconCelebrate your success and hard work

Your achievements can easily be displayed and shared across social platforms, helping your friends, family or potential employers find out more about you.

digital iconMake your skills portable

Digital credentials provide the ability for potential employers to verify your achievements and certifications quickly and easily in real time.

health iconBring your learning to life

Shine a light on your capabilities, skills, and competencies and not just qualifications.

What data is included in a digital credential?

cpd digital badge for digital credentialsThere's data inside:
badge name,
badge URL (description),
badge image,
issue date,
expiry date,
evidence URL.


Success stories

"When I posted my digital credential on LinkedIn, I got 2000 views. The 30 or so who have done likewise are getting 50-70 comments or likes." - Charlie Warshawski, Love Your Coaching.

Hear from individuals on how digital credentials helped them with new opportunities to represent the skills and knowledge at a click of a button.

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You have earned a digital credential... now what?

Download our getting started guide a step by step process how you can claim, manage and share your credentials online.

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