Learners welfare

Learner welfare and wellbeing

Learner welfare and wellbeing

At City & Guilds we want everyone who is completing our programmes and qualifications to feel safe and supported for the full duration of their training and assessment.

We know that learners may face challenges while training and studying, and that maintaining wellbeing while learning – often alongside employment – can be hard to manage. But there are a number of resources available to support you throughout training.

Welfare and wellbeing resources

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation is committed to completing research, providing resources and campaigning to improve mental health in the UK. Their Explore mental health page includes advice and information on managing mental health in a variety of situations and circumstances.

Mental health


Mental health charity Mind has a range of resources presenting tips and techniques that can support individuals in their everyday lives including information on maintaining good mental wellbeing and on mindfulness techniques and how they can support better mental health.

Mental wellbeing  Mindfulness

Exam and assessment readiness resources

We know that taking exams can be tough and that many learners will struggle with feelings of stress and anxiety in the lead up to an exam date.

Maintaining personal wellbeing throughout a qualification is incredibly important and this is especially significant when exams are approaching.

To support you through what can be a stressful time we have collected some resources designed to help manage exam anxiety, build confidence and prepare for success.

Ofqual Student Guide

For learners in England aged 16-19 completing Vocational Qualifications or Technical Qualifications either alongside GCSEs or A Levels or as part of a T Level, Ofqual has put together a guide containing information relating to this year's exams and assessments.

View the guidance

Coping with exam pressure

Also produced by Ofqual this guide to coping with exam pressure covers building confidence, planning revision and recognising and managing the symptoms of exam anxiety.

View the guidance

Tips on preparing for exams

The NHS has shared a series of tips for exam preparation as part of their mental health resources for teenagers, young adults and students which includes advice on revision as well as ways to remain calm and focused on exam or assessment day.

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Preparing for end-point assessment

Exams anxiety imageIf you are an apprentice your provider and employer should be helping you to prepare for your end-point assessment (EPA), a standard specific series of tasks that will test the knowledge, skills and behaviours developed during your apprenticeship training.

While the process of completing your EPA may seem intimidating, with the right support and preparation it's an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and make sure that you're ready for progression.

Read more about end-point assessment and what it entails from gov.uk.

View the gov.uk guidance