New phone numbers for our centre and learner support team

Our centre and learner support phone numbers have now changed.

Over the past few months we have been reviewing our telephone support service.

In order to provide better value for our customers and learners we have updated our centre support phone lines, so that all calls are charged at local rates.

Our current centre support and learner support numbers have changed from Monday 15 March.

  • The new number for our Centre Support team is 01924 930800.
  • In addition, the new Learner Support number is 01924 930801.

There will be a short period where the current 0844 543 0000 centre support number, and the 0844 543 0033 learner number, will still be operational but will re-direct to the new numbers. However, please note that the rate for these 0844 numbers will be 7p a minute as well as the network provider standard rate.

We will continue to communicate this change across multiple communication channels and via our support teams over the coming weeks and months.

If you had any questions on the change of numbers please contact