Annual price increase – update

City & Guilds and ILM prices for the next academic year will be increasing.

04 April 2022

In March this year we highlighted to customers that our prices will increase from September 2022.

See the March news release

We are not yet in a position to confirm the details of each price rise due to the volatility of inflation rates at the moment. To help inform your planning, as a guide, we suggest that centres budget for a 5% increase, although this percentage could go up or down. We will confirm exact prices during the summer ahead of 1 September 2022. Fixed contracts are not affected by our annual price increase.

Price changes will start to be made available in Walled Garden from July, and all revised prices will be visible in Walled Garden from August. If you have any questions in the meantime please talk to your business manager, or your contact in City & Guilds or ILM.