City & Guilds evolves the famous lion logo

City & Guilds has been consistently recognised each year as an iconic brand, with the symbolic lion being seen as a mark of quality and trust.

08 April 2022

The logo has been born out of the brand’s enduring position as the standard-setter for skills for more than 140 years. What has changed recently is how the digital world has evolved to enable learning, connect with each other, and recognise achievements in a shareable, fast and verifiable way.

“There are few world-class organisations that boast the heritage inherent in the City & Guilds brand. So, when we set out to evolve our brand, we needed it to meet the expectations of our customers and the challenges of the digital global world”, explains Kirstie Donnelly, CEO at City & Guilds. “As such we will retire the ‘City & Guilds Group’ website and give our refreshed City & Guilds logo the showcase it deserves. The new logo brings a blend of modern and heritage, and the subtle changes help keep the brand fresh and alive in the digital-first world that we are in.”

The logo has been designed to connect naturally with customers and learners with its simplified style that expresses the same set of values across all the brands of City & Guilds. Although we are connected by our values and purpose the logos of Gen2, ILM, Intertrain, Kineo, and Oxford Group remain unchanged.

At the lion’s heart is City & Guilds’ purpose to help people, organisations, and economies to identify and develop the skills they need to thrive. As a registered charity, City & Guilds invests its surplus to support global skills development and meet the ever-changing needs of organisations and industries through the City & Guilds Foundation. The Foundation focuses on high impact social investment, recognition and advocacy programmes. The investments are only made on the basis the programmes either remove barriers to getting a job, celebrate best practice on the job, or they advocate for jobs of the future.

Following the closure of the City & Guilds Group website, corporate information, news and reports will move to The refreshed logo for City & Guilds will be rolled out in phases from April 2022, with the logo first appearing on certificates from May 2022.

For more information on the brand change, timeframes and accessing logos, read our frequently asked questions.