Podcast: Exploring the opportunities and challenges in green careers

The City & Guilds Green Edge podcasts navigates the critical role of green skills in shaping our economy.

14 February 2024

The City & Guilds Green Edge Podcast returns with Episode 2, titled "Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges in Green Careers," hosted by Dr. Michael Cross and Fraser Harper. In this episode, they delve deeper into the transformative landscape of sustainable solutions and the pivotal role of green skills in shaping the future workforce. 

Unveiling the Green Transition

Our hosts peel back the layers of the sustainability landscape to uncover the needs for upskilling and reskilling across diverse sectors, to respond effectively to the demands of an ever-expanding green economy. The conversation touches on the inclusive nature of this transformation, recognising the role that each individual plays in achieving success in the broader context.

Green skills podcast imageThese skill demands are driven by imperatives such as the adoption of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and the retrofitting of buildings. Consequently, it’s becoming increasingly critical for the workforce to be ready for changes across industries as the green transition progresses. Forecasts indicate that a substantial portion of the workforce will at some stage engage directly or indirectly in green roles, further underlines the importance of preparation and flexibility in navigating this evolving landscape.

Insights from Industry Experts

A highlight of the episode is a discussion with industry experts, offering insights into the evolving landscape of green jobs. The conversation explores the intricate balance between environmental sustainability and economic growth, stressing the need for skilled professionals to drive sustainable initiatives forward and prepare individuals for the jobs of tomorrow. 

Leah Robson, founder of Your Energy, Your Way, adds depth to the conversation by sharing her experiences and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities within the sustainability sector. She introduces her innovative training methods, which include crowdfunding campaigns and fair wages, all underscoring the vital role of diversity and accessibility in sustainable employment. Leah also champions the importance of cultivating a diverse workforce and acknowledges the vast potential of rewarding careers in sustainability across demographics. 

Navigating the Green Transition

Through engaging conversations and expert insights, listeners can gain an understanding of the expanding opportunities within the green job market resulting in an evolving qualifications landscape to cater to these opportunities to allow for clear pathways toward a sustainable future. Dr. Cross and Fraser Harper navigate the complexities of the green transition, offering guidance and exploration into the multitude of possibilities for individuals and industries alike. 

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