New platform for e-Functional Skills support resources

We’re excited to launch Boost, a new and improved platform for our e-Functional Skills support resources.

18 January 2023

The Hodder Education platform, which replaces Dynamic Learning (DL), improves the e-Functional Skills experience for both tutors and learners, including enhanced reporting, a fully responsive experience with smartphones and tablets, and improved activity interfaces.

The move is part of City & Guilds’ wider review and upgrading of platforms in order to ensure our systems are accessible, secure, and user-friendly, and have added value for our customers.

The specific benefits of Boost are outlined below:

Logging in: Boost supports single sign-on. Learners and tutors can log in using Microsoft or Google credentials, as well as their Boost logins.

Interacting with learners: Tutors can share resources with learners via Boost and Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom.

Responsiveness: The Boost platform has a fully responsive interface, allowing learners and tutors to use Boost on computers, tablets or smart phones.

Reporting: The Boost platform has a richer set of reporting data, allowing tutors to run:

  • Gap analysis reports
  • Assessment reports
  • Progress over time reports
  • Task completion reports

Learners’ results can also be compared with the centre average.  

User experience: The activity interface will be smoother and more intuitive for both tutors and learners.

Want to find out more?

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