City & Guilds and Intertrain support the Rail Supply Group’s work pipeline pledge

City & Guilds Technical Training and Intertrain welcome the Rail Supply Group’s (RSG) ‘Work Pipeline Visibility Pledge’.

06 July 2021

The pledge asks businesses working in the rail sector to commit to providing work pipeline visibility across the supply chain to allow suppliers to plan and invest with confidence, driving improvements in productivity, collaboration and delivery of outcomes.

Martin Hottass, Managing Director of City & Guilds Technical Training said: “We wholeheartedly support the Rail Supply Group’s work pipeline visibility pledge. Sharing information about work pipelines across the sector could be a game-changer in driving up levels of productivity and collaboration as well as providing more stability for our workforce in rail. It gives supply chain SMEs the confidence to invest in apprenticeships as they have more data to make investment decisions such as hiring and training.”

“As a major training provider of railway infrastructure and Health & Safety training in this sector, this sort of critical information will allow us to plan more effectively for the types of training required and allow us to invest ahead of the curve to ensure that we are able to respond to market demands quickly, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. This will be absolutely critical when the Government’s major rail projects such as HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail are realised in the coming years, pushing up demand. For example, Intertrain are doubling their OLEC 2 & 3 courses (Overhead Line Electrification Construction) to respond to the sector’s needs for highly skilled staff.”