City & Guilds launch first ever interactive and digital Annual Review

Despite the challenges we all faced in 2021 living through the pandemic, City & Guilds had many achievements and successes.

08 June 2022

That is why we have decided to bring these to life and launch our first ever Annual Review. The launch of the Annual Review coincides with the 2021 Annual Report being published, and digitally looks back on all our highlights from the past year, while telling the story of our brand refresh and our journey to becoming one City & Guilds.

The Annual Review starts by delving into some of our favourite stories from 2021, celebrating the incredible work from our community of brands. We then take a closer look at our impact framework and how we make sure that everything we do as an organisation supports people into work, helps them develop on the job and move into the next job. In the section called Developing Skills to Thrive, you will meet our City & Guilds learner Jay, where you can move through each stage of their lifelong learning journey to find out how it correlates to what we do here at City & Guilds.

The Annual Review also commemorates all the amazing behind the scenes work we’ve been doing internally focussing on topics such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Learning and Development and Employee Engagement. Within these sections you can find out about our Community Support Groups, internal campaigns such as #MyNameIs and how we’ve become a strengths-based organisation with over 1000 of our colleagues carrying out workplace learning in 2021.

Throughout the Annual Review you can find out more about how we put our newly established values at the heart of everything we do, as well as our ways of working, and how we embed a culture of continuous improvement. Each section encompasses interviews with colleagues, videos, case studies, new stories and reports demonstrating our offer, our impact, and our people and culture.

As the first of its kind for City & Guilds, we will update the Annual Review each year with fresh content from the previous year, but for now we hope you will enjoy diving in and reflecting back on what 2021 had to offer.

Access the Annual Review 2021