City & Guilds bring first Skills Hub to the political party conferences

Every year in late-September and early October the UK political parties hold their party conferences in cities across England. These present an opportunity for Members of Parliament, party members, businesses and associations to gather, discuss and debate the key issues of the day in meetings and through set speeches.

12 October 2023

This year, for the first time ever, City & Guilds took a lead, in collaboration with the Future Skills Coalition to create the Skills Hub at both the Conservative and Labour conferences. This was a shared ground for all those championing skills and it was great to see so much enthusiasm for how skills can have a positive impact on people, places and productivity. At such a critical point in time to make the case for skills as a policy lever to yield multiple outcomes, there was an important focus on skills at both conferences as a result of the Skills Hub. 

Skills hub news imageAcross each day at both conferences, there were a selection of networking events, roundtables and panel events. We were delighted to host a private roundtable breakfast at each conference examining what the skills priorities should be for any new government and at the Labour conference we were joined by the new shadow skills minister, Seema Malhotra, who praised the collaborative work of the Future Skills Coalition. We also held lunchtime panel events with employers and local politicians exploring skills and productivity as well as evening events celebrating and promoting the work of the Future Skills Coalition. 

Skills hub news imageEmployers who have pledged support for the Future Skills Coalition, have committed to supporting:

  • A national strategy for local inclusive growth 
  • A commitment to lifelong learning 
  • Funding that is fair and accessible to all 
If you’re interested in learning more about the Future Skills Coalition or would like to pledge your support, you can do so here.

The overriding message to come from all our activity at the conferences was ‘skills change lives’ which is something, regardless of political affiliation or background, everyone who engaged with us at the conferences could get behind.

Find out more about the Future Skills Coalition