City & Guilds statement on Ukraine crisis

In light of the recent escalation of the situation between Russia and Ukraine, our thoughts are with all those affected by this crisis.

28 July 2022

Effective From: 1 June 2022


City & Guilds stands with the people of Ukraine, and in support of the sanctions imposed by the governments of the UK, EU, USA and other countries in response to the Ukraine crisis.

City & Guilds is committed to being a responsible partner in both our supply chain and the customers which we engage with. As an organisation we do not work at this time with customers or suppliers where there is a financial benefit to the Russian economy or with an individual or entity located in Russia. 

City & Guilds has stopped work with customers who are not compliant with this position, and has communicated our stance through our supply chain. At all times, City & Guilds has been compliant with all government sanctions.

City & Guilds will continue to monitor the situation in the Ukraine and review our position on an on-going basis.

The City and Guilds of London Institute is an organisation established by Royal Charter and registered as a charity in England and Wales (Reg. No. 312832) and in Scotland (Reg. No. SC039576) whose registered office is at Giltspur House, 5-6 Giltspur Street, London EC1A 9DE.

In this statement, the term “City & Guilds” means:

  • Companies registered in the UK that are owned or controlled directly or indirectly by The City and Guilds of London Institute; and
  • Companies that are registered outside the UK which are owned or controlled directly or indirectly by The City and Guilds of London Institute.

Company Position

City & Guilds complies with the following obligations, and requires its customers and suppliers to ensure they comply with the same:

  • Not work with any entity or individual named on a UK, EU, or USA Sanctions List, as published by the Government of the relevant country.
  • Not work with any entity or individual located or registered in Russia or with any entity or individual that is owned by or employed by (as applicable) any entities or individuals located or registered in Russia.
  • Not work with any entity or individual where there is a direct or indirect financial benefit to the Russian economy or to an entity or individual located or registered in Russia, whether through tax or profit payments or otherwise.

This position does not prevent City & Guilds from engaging with Russian citizens residing outside of Russia who are otherwise compliant with these requirements.

City & Guilds may require suppliers and customers to confirm compliance with this position in writing. City & Guilds requires its customers and suppliers to notify City & Guilds, without undue delay, regarding any actual or suspected non-compliance with these requirements, including if an entity or individual within their supply chain is named on a Sanctions List, together with mitigation actions.

Where City & Guilds identifies any ambiguity or cause for concern in relation to a customer or supplier, City & Guilds reserves the right to carry out such due diligence as it deems necessary to assess compliance with this position, and requires its customers and suppliers to provide all reasonable co-operation. In the event that City & Guilds reasonably believes that a customer or supplier is not compliant with our requirements, City & Guilds will liaise with the customer or supplier in order to agree steps to mitigate or resolve the non-compliance. Unresolved non-compliance may result in the termination of the corresponding agreement in accordance with its terms.

Ownership and Point of Contact

All queries relating to this policy including compliance concerns should be directed to City & Guilds central

11 March 2022 Update

City & Guilds stands with the people of Ukraine, and in support of the sanctions imposed by the USA, UK, EU and other countries as the crisis continues to escalate.

As an organisation we have agreed to no longer work with customers and suppliers who are located in Russia or owned by Russian entities. We will continue to monitor the situation and assess this position in the coming days and weeks.

We have immediately stopped work with known Russian owned customers. We are currently working through our wider customer base to understand their position and take the necessary action.

We have also carried out a review of our direct suppliers and identified one known Russian supplier of software services. We have put transition plans in place to ensure we minimise disruption to our customers as we take these actions. We have communicated our stance to our entire supply chain and are working actively with them to ensure our intentions align.

We join the world in hoping that peace will prevail, and our deepest sympathies are with all those impacted by the ongoing conflict.

7 March 2022 Update

Our organisation’s primary focus at this time remains on the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and their families.

The crisis continues to develop rapidly, and we would like to provide our customers, partners and other stakeholders with reassurance that we are actively reviewing and adapting our contingency and continuity plans, and adapting our services to perceived risk and the impact of applied sanctions.

City & Guilds operates with an ongoing and active cyber security posture programme. In recent weeks we have focused on the perceived heightened risk of cyber attack, and have actively reviewed technical controls and counter measures against the most likely forms of cyber attack. Our technical teams are on a state of readiness and our staff have been briefed to be extra vigilant at this time.

City & Guilds does not locate any staff in the regions  directly affected by the current crisis. However, like all organisations, our security is also connected with the security of our third party suppliers.

City & Guilds continues to actively engage our key suppliers and their networks to understand any exposure to risk and the response to the sanctions imposed by the USA, UK, EU and other countries. Of course, this is a rapidly developing situation, but City & Guilds remains confident at this time of continuing to provide normal levels of service to our customers.

We are reviewing our forward position with regard to Russian connected customers and suppliers with Russian components in their services. We are also looking into what more we can do to live out our purpose and support communities directly impacted by this crisis. We will provide further statements on our actions as the situation unfolds.

Kirstie Donnelly MBE
Chief Executive Officer, City & Guilds