Electric vehicle charging installation

Setting a new industry standard in skills for electric vehicle charging installation

The Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure development industry is facing mounting pressure, as the UK strives towards becoming a net-zero economy by 2050 and as the upcoming 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars approaches.

  • The UK government will phase out the sale of new petrol- and diesel-fuelled vehicles by 2030 and hybrids by 2035.
  • The market shift toward electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles is already underway. One in six new vehicles sold in the UK had a plug. Hybrid vehicles will decline as we move toward the 2030 mark.
  • To meet the demands of this change, EV charging infrastructure is required across the country – in homes, at workplaces, street-side locations, destination locations like shopping centres and at re-fuelling stations.

How ready is the workforce for the large-scale upgrade of the UK’s EV charging infrastructure?

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City & Guilds surveyed UK-based electrical businesses, ranging from small firms to large organisations, to uncover the challenges and opportunities in the EV charge point installations landscape.

  • Nearly 65% of employers say it’s difficult to find qualified or competent electricians to design and install EV charge point installations;
  • Over one third of electrical installers installing EV charging points learned the skills on-the-job, without any formal training.

It’s clear that workforce readiness is a challenge and a key priority for the industry is building a pipeline of competent installers to develop and maintain the EV charging infrastructure safely and efficiently.

Read our report to get an insight into the opportunities and challenges in the EV charging sector.

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City & Guilds is the skills organisation of choice for the infrastructure and built environment sector. Working with key industry bodies and key employers across the EV charging sector we led the way by developing the new industry standard and a set of qualifications to underpin workforce training towards the required safety benchmark to develop a scalable and safe EV infrastructure.

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We hosted an enlightening roundtable with experts in EV, to unpack the challenges faced by the UK on its journey toward 0% transport-related carbon emissions by 2030.

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The transition away from carbon to full sustainability by 2050 is essential for the future of our society, find out how the skills system is already changing as a result.

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