Learning resources

To ensure you have all of the relevant information to deliver your qualifications effectively, here is a list of the key documents you may require.

Sample tests

We have produced sample tests to enable tutors and learners to experience the look and feel of e-volve prior to sitting the test, and also experience the type and style of question that will be asked in the test.

You can access the sample tests by clicking the hyperlinks below:

The sample tests cover the following units:

A sample test is also available for the CSCS Green Card qualification:

On completion of the sample tests, you will be provided with a result (pass/fail and percentage) and a report can be viewed that provides feedback on the results. 

You do not need to enter real candidate details to attempt these sample tests.

Why not try before you buy?

To show you our range of resources, we've created sample content for a whole unit within the Level 2 Diploma in Bench Joinery (6706-26). Simply open up any of the documents or videos detailed below to discover our wide range of support tools.

We are happy to provide a full SmartScreen demo or an inspection copy of one of our upcoming textbooks. Just fill in this short order form.

To pre-order SmartScreen email directsales@cityandguilds.com.

Sample documents to support you

Sample content for the Level 2 Unit in Bench Joinery (211). 

Sample quiz

We offer a range of fun and easy to use quizzes to help learners test their knowledge

Below is a sample of a Brickworks quiz.