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City & Guilds work closely in partnership with a wide range of key industry experts and employers to ensure the skills employers need are met for a more productive workforce.

To demonstrate our commitment to meeting employers’ needs in the Hair & Barber sector we formed our Industry Advisory Board (IAB).

The IAB comprises employers, Professional Associations and product houses to ensure that we have the rigor, quality and content needed in all that we do to support young people to progress.

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To demonstrate our commitment to meeting employers’ needs in the Hair and Barbering sector we formed our Industry Advisory Board (IAB).

The IAB comprises employers, Professional Associations and product houses to ensure that we have the rigor, quality and content needed in all that we do to support young people to progress.

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Adam Sloan

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board Chair

MHfed & Big Yin Salon

As the founder of MHfed, Adam Sloan began his journey sweeping up in his dads Barbershop in Glasgow. This was in 1974. As a young man he undertook his City & Guilds in Hairdressing, then took his Advanced City & Guilds course and spent 10 years as a Manager at a salon before purchasing his own salon. He now owns two successful academy’s and five salons one of which specialises in all aspects of male grooming. He has worked as a session stylist, celebrity hairdresser, made globally distributed educational DVD’S, won regionally in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy, judges in major competitions, and is an author for City & Guilds in an industry standard Level 3 textbook. Adam has written the Level 2 and Level 3 Barbering standard logbooks for City & Guilds.

More recently he has supported writing the new standards in Barbering leading to the EPA (End Point Assessment). With his wealth of experience, he also sits on the Barber Council and is a committee member for Hairdressing and currently holds the Barbering Chair of the Industry Advisory Board for City & Guilds. MHFed have toured Japan with Adam joining the Japanese advisory board, we are currently taking our brand to Spain and Italy and Adam hosted a stage in India in 2019 at the Mumbai Salon International event alongside City & Guilds.

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Alison Brightwell

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

My name is Alison Brightwell and I have been in the hair industry for over 30 years now, from working in salons and owning my own business. I completed my first teaching qualification at the age of 21 . After years of being a business owner I decided to return back to teaching and have been employed here at EDC for the past 15 years. Teaching has been so rewarding for me and I love passing on my knowledge and experience to all of my students, it’s the best feeling to know you are making a difference to someone’s life and career, I still believe that when you teach you should still be in industry and I work a full day in a barber shop every week running a very busy column, this is vital to enhance what I do and I love being on the shop floor.

During my teaching career I have been presented with many awards including, being the EDC ‘Teacher of the year 2015’, the ‘First British female’ to be awarded a ‘Master Barber’ award by the British Master barbers Alliance and last year a ‘Grand Master Barber’ award which was a lovely surprise. I also received ‘Technical Ambassador for Education’ for the Men’s Hairdressing Federation’. I am a consultant for City and Guilds and a member of the first barbering Industry board. I have worked with Wahl and Simon Shaw demonstrating, on stage with the BBA,, MHF and many more over the past few years. I also sit on the hair and barber council and hold a ‘Master Craftsmanship award for hair and barbering.’

I have always been very passionate about representing good education and I actually won the TES “Teacher of the year 2018“ Award for FE which has been the ultimate achievement to date and feel really proud of this things can only get better for our industry.

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Amanda Lodge-Stewart

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

The Link Training Academy

I have worked in the hairdressing, barbering and beauty industry for over 35 years beginning my career as an apprentice in a Huddersfield town centre salon. I started my own business at the age of 22 and continued to work in both the hair and beauty industry sector. I went into education at the age of 36 and haven’t looked back since.

I am now the very proud owner of The Link Training Academy, delivering apprenticeships in hairdressing and barbering, supporting local employers with training, management and upskilling staff. I am also the owner of a The Link Hair Studio, a very vibrant, contemporary hairdressing and barbering salon.

I am passionately involved in industry updates, legislation and changes keeping myself active and informed by being a board member of the NHBF, The Hair Council and the City & Guilds advisory board for our sector along with being part of the trailblazer / steering group for the new apprenticeship standards and an IEPA for the Hair Professional with City & Guilds. The future is my passion, being part of it and sharing my experiences to support growth; quality, recognition and respect for our sector is what I am working towards.

Anthony Copeland

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Bio coming soon.

Caroline Larissey

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

National Hair & Beauty Federation

Bio coming soon.

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Damien Owen

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Damian is the proud owner of London Town Barbers, Love Hair and London Ink Tattoo Lounge. An incredibly passionate MHFed ambassador who strives to have a voice for the barbering industry. Damian is also a Hair & Barber Council board member alongside a highly valued City & Guilds Barbering Industry Advisory Board member. Damian has worked in the barbering industry since the age of 12 where he progressed onto completing a 7-year traditional apprenticeship programme. Damian proudly received his updated City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Barbering qualification at the start of 2020 stating ‘you are never too old to learn and enhance your knowledge’.

Denise Johnson

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Association of Hairdressers and Therapists

Bio coming soon.

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Diane Mitchell

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

I’ve worked in the hairdressing and barbering industry for now over 40 years, beginning my career as an apprentice and working my way through to salon management before moving into education. My career has been both varied and exciting, both technically and culturally. Being a part of the International team setting-up Centres in Japan, Singapore and New Zealand was particularly inspiring and I feel privileged to have met and worked with so many talented students and business.

Currently I’m working for City & Guilds as Lead Independent End-point Assessor (LIEPA) for the Hair Professional Apprenticeship standards.

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Jac Ludlow

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Jac Ludlow Education

Hair is such a competitive industry with new barbers and hairdressers constantly on the rise. This not only proves the passion people have for this craft, but it shows that we have to be at the top of our games.

Jac Ludlow began his career in the small village of Griffithstown, South Wales, UK, in 2007 immediately after the completing high school education. From the age of 14 years old, Jac began to develop an obsession with hair, often aspiring to be as great as his mother, Michelle Ludlow (owner of Bojangles hairdressers) and other industry icons such as Vidal Sassoon, Patrick Cameron and Trevor Sorbie.

Jac was fascinated with shorter styles as he could produce cleaner and more precise haircuts to show off his transformations of new facial shapes. However, he found it very difficult to express his vision, as his female clients at that time were not adventurous. Jac shifted his focus towards barbering, knowing that typically men tend to have shorter hair which would allow him to practice the more precise looks that he desired.

Since making that decision, Jac, alongside business partner Daniel Ludlow, has opened 3 branches of his well-known brand, Bojangles British Barber Club. He went on to create his own personal education system and unique style of teaching, allowing others to understand and benefit from his years of research. This has led to international acclaim and has allowed Jac to educate all over the world. The City and Guilds industry steering board and focuses on raising the standards.

“I am hugely inspired by artists. My Favourite is Leonardo Da Vinci for his piece called “The Vitruvian Man”. Vitruvius was a Roman Architect that had a particular interest in the proportions of the human body. This has always fascinated me as the structure of the head and face shape influences so much in the hair world. My objective is to stretch your thinking, to help you clarify your vision and then make it happen, to do this you need to understand multiple factors. I want you to harness the correct knowledge so that you understand how to execute your visions and turn them into art” - Jac Ludlow

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Keith Conniford

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Hair & Barber Council

Bio coming soon.

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Kevin Vorley

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

K Barbers Emporium

Owner, Innovator and head barber of the multi award winning K Barbers Emporium in Essex. Proud BMB British Grand Master Barber, SRSB barber and barbering assessor and an accredited Master Craftsman in barbering with over two decades plus of barbering experience. Proud MHFED ambassador and an accomplished International platform artist for the Andis International Clipper team.

Industry Mentor, both business and barbering consultant and proud member of the C&G Barber Industry Advisory Board.

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Lee Stafford

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Lee Stafford

Bio coming soon.

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Melanie Mitchell

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Cheynes Training

Bio coming soon.

Melanie Murphy

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Good Salon Guide

Bio coming soon.

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Mucktaru Kargbo (MK)

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

MK is one of the most sort after men in barbering education; among the UK’s first Global barbering clipper guru’s known for his creative works mastering both European & Afro hair. 

Mk’s mathematical approach, has spawn many new techniques in barbering which has lead him to work with some of the best companies in barbering, education, fashion, TV and even World events such as champions league. MK has inspired the barbering industry since 1998 winning his first UK award and introducing new innovative techniques & courses to large companies such as Wahl, Andis, H.A.B.I.A, City & Guilds, V.T.C.T to name a few.

MK has coached for the UK in The World Skills Competition of which one of his student had made the UK finals to then represent the UK in Brazil for The World Skills final in August 2015 and won silver medal. 

America’s largest clipper company Andis, MK was for 14 years their official educator for launching and branding in the UK since 2004. MK’s role was to organise exhibition shows for demonstrating the use of tools in a flamboyant attractive way yet ensuring it is educational content is never compromised. Releasing 2 educational DVD’s called ‘Straight To The Point’ & ‘Get 2 The Point’

MK is also advocate & advisor for City & Guilds an educational body for the UK in Barbering, he works on the qualifications and educational video’s that you can find on this website also now an official writer for them with his first book release in September 2016 covering Shaving, Facials, facial massage and hair design.

MK runs his own barbering salon in the UK of north London voted best barbers 2015 by London Hair & Beauty Awards. The Hall of Fame is also One of many awards winning one sometimes two almost every year since 1998 - 2018. When he is not in the salon his busy schedule he travels the world Ireland, Italy, Russia, Japan to name a few; delivering his much sort after courses, seminars, stage shows and talks. He has been referred by Salon Business magazine as “a character who has enough energy for an entire art team”

In asking MK about what his aims are he said “I’m always trying to continuously perfect my barbering by pushing confines of my mind whilst exploring my imagination.”   

MK has worked in fashion shows for Oswald Boateng, film sets for George Lucas and Anthony Hemmingway, alongside his UK TV appearances such as BBC learning zone, Channel 5 “Trust me I’m a beauty Therapist” , ‘Celebrity Super Spa’ and the BBC’s longest running house hold name programme “Blue Peter” you can find on YouTube (MK on Blue Peter) . His latest project styling the cast of ‘Enterprice’ BBC programme which aired March 2020 on iplayer and had a feature in the first episode. 

MK is a barbering living legend with commanding but a gentlemanly professional presence; the brain of a mathematical scientist the flair of a hairdresser and groomed with artistic stroke of Picasso.

MK’s website

MKs YouTube channel

MK in Russia

MK on BBC's Blue Peter

MK one of the experts on celebrity super spa

MK on celebrity super spa – results of delegates

MK in the boardroom –commentary on celebrities

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Phil Jarman

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Bio coming soon.

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Sam Arthur

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Sams Barbershop

I am based in Belfast Northern Ireland and I’ve been working in the barbering industry from 1986 and I’ve owned Sam’s Barbershop for the last 33 years we are a Multi Award-winning barbershop and we specialise in 60s Mod hairstyles Traditional barbering and ladies hairdressing also. We have a large clientele not only from Northern Ireland but from as far afield as central Europe we have people travelling from Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Vienna, Mainland UK and southern Ireland.

I am the Northern Ireland ambassador for the British Master Barbers and I am currently the only barber in Ireland accredited with the Grand Master Barber title which I am very proud of.

Sams Barber Shop was also voted best Barber Shop in Northern Ireland among the many other awards. 

I was honoured last year to become an Advisory board member in the City & Guilds.

Over the last eight months I’ve been working tirelessly to Bring an idea I had To fruition to hold a competition in the Prison sector. I approached the BMB with the idea and they gave me their full backing And now I’m honoured city & Guilds are on board also the Investors in education award.

The aim of this award is to assess and evaluate Tutors / teaching staff. Also the trainee barbers working towards gaining the NVQ /Health and Safety certificates.

My goals for this award are to set up with the help of the British Master Barbers and the City & Guilds Competitions throughout the UK to promote learning and education in Prisons. 

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Sarah Brockbank

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Toni & Guy Training

Bio coming soon.

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Sheldon Edwards

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

HD Cutz (London) Ltd.

My name is Sheldon Edwards and I am the owner of HD Cutz (London) Ltd. My company has a flagship shop in Lavender Hill, South London which employs 10 other hair professionals handling all aspects of the African Caribbean hair experience. I have over 20 years of expertise in the African Caribbean barbering and this skill set transfers to all other hair types. My current client list currently includes Usain Bolt, Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho, Antonio Rudiger, Gabriel Jesus and members of Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and RB Leipzig football teams. I have been featured on Bleacher Report, ITV NEWS and Business Insider. ESPN UK kindly retweeted and credited the post of my Ethan Ampadu makeover on their page on 24/12/19. I would like the opportunity to use my vast experience and respected profile in the hair & beauty industry to add value to the ongoing work of City & Guilds.

I believe in helping to positively influence the next generation of barbers and hair industry professionals. This vision can be achieved by working with bodies such as City & Guilds to develop programmes, shape policies and maintain high professional standards in the hair industry across the globe. The response of the industry to environmental sustainability is also an area of keen interest for me. Responding to change is part of the reason I decided to revamp the HD Cutz website during this Covid-19 lockdown to reassess how the brand is represented in the digital sphere. My established work with the D’Marie Institute in Kingston, Jamaica is testimony to my commitment to creating strategic and long-term changes. I was invited to give an inspirational keynote address to their 2019 graduates as part of my work to encourage newly qualified hair care professionals. This uplifting influence is also endorsed by the numerous messages I receive across my 390k social media reach.

It would be an honour to work with City & Guilds in a proactive capacity. My unique expertise, passion for my craft, strong media influence and vast experience would be an asset to yourselves. Thank you for your time. Please click the links below.

Raheem Sterling & Callum Hudson-Odoi in the shop

Meet Sheldon Edwards aka HD CUTZ LONDON, barber to the stars

Hudson Odoi & Antonio Discuss the Best Players They’ve Played Against

The Transition - Ethan Ampadu gets his hair cut off by HD Cutz London

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Shelly Line

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Hair Care Share

Bio coming soon.

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Sue Postlethwaite

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Association of Hairdressers and Therapists

Bio coming soon.

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Tony Copeland

City & Guilds Industry Advisory Board

Bio coming soon.