Key information

Please find key documents for the Hairdressing sector here:


Curriculum Planning

Hair & Beauty Curriculum Planning, Adult Skills and 19+ funding update (YouTube)

Hair & Beauty Curriculum Planning Update 2022/2023 (YouTube)


Level 2 Hair Professional

LIEPA December 2022 Report (PDF)

FAQs for Customers - Hair Professional EPA February 2022 (PDF)

7002 Hair Professional overview (PDF)


Level 3 Advanced and Creative Hair Professional 

LIEPA January 2023 Report (PDF)

EPA Customer Report 7002 Hair Professional hairdressing and barbering December 2022 (PDF)

Deep dive in to the Practical Observation and Questioning for the Level 3 Advanced and Creative Hair Professional  End-Point Assessment (YouTube)

Deep Dive into the Professional Discussion for the Level 3 Advanced & Creative Hair Professional End Point Assessment (YouTube)

7004 Advanced & Creative Hair Professionals ACHP Hints & Tips (YouTube)

Level 3 End-point Assessment for the Advanced and Creative Hair Professional (YouTube)

City & Guilds Advanced & Creative Hair Professional UPDATE and resources (YouTube)

FAQs for Customers Advanced & Creative Hair Professional EPA - April 2022 (PDF)


End-Point Assessment (EPA Pro)

EPA Pro Full Demonstration (YouTube)

City & Guilds Hair & Beauty EPA Service (PDF)


Technical Qualifications

Hair & Beauty Technical Qualifications Theory Exam Hints & Tips (YouTube)

First Steps - Preparation to Teach Technicals 2021 (YouTube)

Preparing learners for the Technicals Qualification theory exam (YouTube)

Hair & Beauty Delivering an Effective Technical (YouTube)

Hair & Beauty Technical Qualifications Hints and Tips (YouTube)


KS4 Technical Qualification

Changes to our KS4 Qualifications in Construction, Hair & Beauty and Land (YouTube)


KS5 Technical Qualification

Preparation to Deliver a KS5 Hair & Beauty Technical Qualification - 6002, 6003, 6010 (YouTube)

6002 Only – Hairdressing and Barbering Synoptic Assignment Deep Dive (YouTube)



Hair & Beauty Industry update - Qualification update, Traineeships and Support (YouTube)

Hair & Beauty Traineeships (YouTube)

Newsletters and Updates

All about hair and beauty - December 2022 (PDF)

All about hair and beauty - June 2022 (PDF)

All about hair and beauty - November 2021 (PDF)


Rules of Combination

Hair and Beauty Rules of Combination (PDF)