Key information

Please find key documents for the Hairdressing sector here:


Curriculum Planning

Hair & Beauty Curriculum Planning, Adult Skills and 19+ funding update (YouTube)

Hair & Beauty Curriculum Planning Update 2022/2023 (YouTube)


Level 2 Hair Professional

FAQs for Customers - Hair Professional EPA February 2022


Level 3 Advanced and Creative Hair Professional 

Deep dive in to the Practical Observation and Questioning for the Level 3 Advanced and Creative Hair Professional  End-Point Assessment (YouTube)

Deep Dive into the Professional Discussion for the Level 3 Advanced & Creative Hair Professional End Point Assessment (YouTube)

7004 Advanced & Creative Hair Professionals ACHP Hints & Tips (YouTube)

Level 3 End-point Assessment for the Advanced and Creative Hair Professional (YouTube)

City & Guilds Advanced & Creative Hair Professional UPDATE and resources (YouTube)

FAQs for Customers Advanced & Creative Hair Professional EPA - April 2022 (PDF)


End-Point Assessment (EPA Pro)

EPA Pro Full Demonstration (YouTube)

City & Guilds Hair & Beauty EPA Service (PDF)


Technical Qualifications

Hair & Beauty Technical Qualifications Theory Exam Hints & Tips (YouTube)

First Steps - Preparation to Teach Technicals 2021 (YouTube)

Preparing learners for the Technicals Qualification theory exam (YouTube)

Hair & Beauty Delivering an Effective Technical (YouTube)

Hair & Beauty Technical Qualifications Hints and Tips (YouTube)


KS4 Technical Qualification

Changes to our KS4 Qualifications in Construction, Hair & Beauty and Land (YouTube)


KS5 Technical Qualification

6002 Only – Hairdressing and Barbering Synoptic Assignment Deep Dive (YouTube)



Hair & Beauty Industry update - Qualification update, Traineeships and Support (YouTube)

Hair & Beauty Traineeships (YouTube)

Newsletters and Updates

All about hair and beauty - June 2022 (PDF)

All about hair and beauty - November 2021 (PDF)


Rules of Combination

Hair and Beauty Rules of Combination (PDF)