Key documents

Please find key documents for the Hairdressing sector here:

Network presentations

Key Stage 4 Level 2 Technical Award in Hair and Beauty Studies (webinar)

Hair Level 2 Professional Apprenticeship Standard End Point Assessment (Webinar)

Hair and Beauty New KS4 Technical Award - Winter 2017 (Webinar)

Hair and Beauty New Apprenticeship Standards - Winter 2017 (Webinar)

Hair and Beauty New KS5 Technical Qualifications - Winter 2017 (Webinar)

Hair and Beauty New Apprenticeship (Webinar)

Hair and Beauty New Technical Qualifications (Webinar)

Hair & Beauty Regional Network Meeting Autumn 2016 (Webinar)

Hair and Beauty Network AW13 Presentation (PPT, 23MB)

Hair and Beauty Network England AW13 Presentation (PPT, 11MB)

Hair and Beauty Network Meeting Presentation SS14 (PPT, 3MB)

Hair and Beauty KS4 Presentation March 2014 (PPT, 3MB)

Hairdressing & Barbering Presentation March 2015 (PPT, 9MB)

Hair & Beauty Summer Network 2015 (PPT, 6MB)


Need to know 

Need to know - February 2014 (PDF, 173KB)

Need to know - March 2014 (PDF, 2MB)

Need to know - June 2014 (PDF, 203KB)

Need to know - September 2014 (PDF, 275KB)

Need to know - January 2015 (PDF, 242KB)

Need to know - March 2015 (PDF, 445KB)

Need to know - June 2015 (PDF, 107KB)

Need to know - September 2015 (PDF, 407KB)

Need to know - October 2015 (PDF, 540KB)

Need to know - April 2016 (PDF, 694KB)

Need to know - June 2016 (PDF, 1.43MB)

Need to know - December 2016 (PDF, 2MB)

Need to know - February 2017 (PDF, 233 KB)

Need to know - May 2017 (PDF, 4MB)

Need to know - August 2017 (PDF, 773KB)

Need to know - September 2017 (PDF, 2MB)

Need to know - November 2017 (PDF, 290KB)

All about hair and beauty - January 2018 (DOCX, 3MB)

All about hair and beauty - March 2018 (DOCX, 470KB)

All about hair and beauty - May 2018 (DOCX, 855KB)


Other documents

Hair and Beauty New End Dates (v1) (XLSX, 103KB)

Hair and Beauty Rules of Combination (v4) (PDF, 953KB)

Level 2 Hairdressing (PDF)

Level 2 Barbering (PDF)

7002 - Level 2 Diploma for Hair Professionals - Hairdressing (PDF)

7002 - Level 2 Diploma for Hair Professionals - Barbering (Enhanced) (PDF)

6008 Level 1 Hairdressing Comparison document (PDF, 194KB)

6008 Level 2 Hairdressing Comparison document (PDF, 289KB)

6008 Level 3 Hairdressing Comparison document (PDF, 288KB)

Hairdressing Sample Logbook unit 201 Style & Finish Hair CH1 (PDF, 12MB)

Sample Academic Calendars 2017

Level 2 Colouring Services (PDF, 80KB)

Level 2 Cutting and Styling Services (PDF, 81KB)

Level 2 Hairdressing (PDF, 87KB)

Level 2 Barbering (PDF, 87KB)

Level 3 Hairdressing (PDF, 83KB)

Level 3 Barbering (PDF, 74KB)