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The National Land Based College

The National Land Based College joins industry with education to develop qualifications and training for the land based sector. For us, land based is anything related to animals, plants, farming and our environment. We work digitally to champion careers and education, provide relevant information, and build networks to develop workforce skills.

Their primary aim is to engage with employers in agriculture, animal care, environment and related industries, to involve them far more in education, training, skills development and careers promotion. Importantly, the National Land Based College will look to link with existing initiatives, add value and develop joint working, partnerships and synergies.

The Case for Change:

  • We live in a rapidly changing world in respect to food security, environmental sustainability and public health.
  • Land based industries are increasingly significant in meeting these global and UK challenges.
  • There’s a pressing need for higher skills to improve our industry’s overall quality and productivity.
  • The UK is lagging behind many of our competitors in terms of our workforce training and skills.
  • Our land based sector has a diverse range of specialisms, training and skills requirements.

The Solution:

The solution is a new employer led, virtual, National Land Based College, which will

  • Draw on the best current specialisms, enhancing and adding coherence and consistency.
  • Develop collaborations and partnerships across the sector.
  • Maximise the use of learning technologies and blended learning to aid skills development.
  • Create a world class infrastructure for CPD, intermediate and higher level skills.

The Vision:

  • The UK's land based education is world leading and intrinsically linked to the needs of employers.
  • A stronger life-long learning culture exists across land based, resulting in improvements in workforce, productivity, quality and ultimately profit across the whole sector.
  • Land based is an attractive career option, with individuals provided with the required skills, knowledge, development and guidance throughout their professional careers.

The National Land Based College, working in partnership with City & Guilds, will achieve this vision through an employer led, hub and spoke approach, linked strongly to UK specialist land based colleges and universities and Landex, their member organisation.

Their core principles are to network, collaborate, innovate, and deliver consistent high quality for our sector.

The Key Priorities:

  • Establish industry liaison groups for the different areas of land based, to help steer the skills development of their sectors.
  • Produce a suite of NLBC endorsed land based qualifications ‘fit for purpose’ validated by City & Guilds for delivery by existing land based providers.
  • Co-create a range of NLBC professional development programmes, from one-day training courses, up to degree level programmes - for UK and worldwide – to be developed with partners, and delivered using a range of contemporary blended learning methodologies.
  • Develop an on-line register of land based learners and employees, which enables tracking and encourages and facilitates lifelong continued professional development.
  • Champion the full spectrum of land based careers, linking with and building on the work of existing sector careers initiatives, such as Bright Crop and Grow Careers.

For further information:

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