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Qualification Comparisons in NVQ

Not sure what each of the City & Guilds levels really mean? Our quick look comparison guide tells you everything you need to know.

Qualifications Explained



City & Guilds



Entry Level

If you've not got any prior experience and you don't feel confident about your abilities, then this level could be a good place to start.

Entry level vocational awards.



Level 1

Ideal if you're just starting out or are new to the subject area. This level covers routine tasks and basic knowledge.

SVQ/NVQ level 1, Level 1 vocational awards, IVQ certificate, Level 1 International Introductory Awards*.

GCSE grades 3 - 1, 3/Foundations S Grade, Foundation GNVQ


Level 2

You need to have some knowledge or experience of the area.

SVQ/NVQ level 2, Level 2 vocational awards, IVQ Technician certificate, IVQ Diploma, Level 2 International awards*.

GCSE grades 9 - 4 standard pass

Intermediate GNVQ, BTEC first certificate.

Level 3

Covers more complex work and will help you develop your supervisory skills.

SVQ/NVQ level 3, Level 3 vocational awards, IVQ Technician Diploma, IVQ Advanced Diploma, Level 3 International Awards*.


AVCE, BTEC National, Certificate/Diploma, Vocational A-Levels.
An ONC (Ordinary National Certificate) and OND (Ordinary National Diploma) are both broadly comparable to a Level 3 qualification

Level 4

Most likely you'll have management experience by this point.

Licentiateship (LCGI), Higher Professional Diploma, SVQ/NVQ level 4, Level 4 vocational awards


Full technical certificate, BTEC HNC

Level 5

Most likely you'll have management experience by this point.

Diploma SVQ/NVQ level 5, Level 5 vocational awards, IVQ Advanced Technician Diploma



Level 6

For senior managers.

Graduateship (GCGI), Associateship (ACGI)



Level 7

For senior managers

Membership (MCGI), Master Professional, Diploma



Level 8

As high as you can go

Fellowship (FCGI)



*Nearest comparable level

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