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Learning Assistant – bring learning to life

A smart and powerful e-portfolio tool designed to maximise productivity, increase profitability and enhance the quality of the learning experience.

Move away from old-fashioned paper-based delivery models and embrace seamless blended learning to enhance your apprenticeship programmes. With Learning Assistant, you can easily monitor apprentice progress, forecast success rates and plan interventions to keep your learners and apprentices on track.

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What are the benefits?

Learning Assistant can drive real and measurable commercial benefits for your organisation:

  • increase profitability by improving staff efficiency and reducing qualification delivery time
  • support inspection requirements by enhancing employer engagement and utilising digital platforms
  • enhance apprentice engagement by creating a fully inclusive and supportive virtual learning environment
  • improve quality of training by increasing the effectiveness of staff and enhancing the learning experience
  • ensure transparency and accountability by improving reporting, quality control and standardisation.

What are the features?

With fresh design, smart and functional portfolio building, assessment and communication tools, and flexible and accessible usage options, Learning Assistant sets the standard for e-portfolio software and meets requirements.

A clearly defined apprentice journey:

  • a user-friendly interface makes it easy for tutors and apprentices to track progress and see how activities link into standards and qualifications
  • personalise to your delivery, create interactive forms and become a paperless delivery model
  • track apprentice progression, engagement and on-programme assessment completion rates
  • schedule automated reports to employers, managers and teams (great to keep employers engaged)
  • create an audited contact trail with embedded electronic signatures
  • prove 20% off-the-job learning
  • apprenticeship Training Manuals are also available, free of charge, for a selection of standards, and can be built into the platform for you by our dedicated team
  • accessible on most devices, and available offline via the Learning Assistant App.

Integrates with other systems:

Save admin and processing time and reduce errors in data entry by integrating Learning Assistant with our other systems using LA Connect.

  • fully documented API integrates with key MIS platforms
  • LA Connect links to other City & Guilds and ILM systems

Once set up, by enrolling your apprentice in Learning Assistant you:

  • register learners and apprentices on qualifications
  • book e-volve tests, including Functional Skills
  • upload results direct into Walled Garden, and depending on the results, this will trigger the claim for certificates.

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