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Digital platforms and solutions

Digital platforms to support programme delivery

We provide digital solutions and intuitive online platforms to support our customers to improve performance and encourage interactive e-learning experiences. Explore our platforms to find out how they can support delivery, assessment and learning.

Administration and assessment platforms

Our administration and assessment platforms support each stage of your qualification and programme delivery. They are used for everything from registering learners to preparing, booking and delivering online assessments to viewing results and analysing performance. Read on to learn more:

Our secure centre administration platform for vocational qualifications and apprenticeships.

You'll use this platform to:

  • View our full catalogue of qualifications, programmes and services
  • Place orders for candidate registrations, on-demand, online and paper exam bookings
  • View centre activity reports
  • Apply to deliver new qualifications and programmes, including apprenticeship standards

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Our end-to-end assessment platform for apprenticeship delivery

You’ll use this platform to:

  • View a calendar of EPA activities, assessment progress and reports
  • View gateway requirements and upload assessment evidence
  • Access results and statement of achievement
  • Access apprenticeship and EPA support resources

For information on the benefits and features of EPA Pro visit our support page.

Visit the EPA Pro page to learn more

Our online platform to administer and manage online assesments

E-volve is our online assessment platform that enables learners to sit assessments securely, flexibly and under invigilated conditions. To administer and manage e-volve assessments, you'll use:

  • E-volve Secure Assess
  • E-volve Secure Client
  • Centre Analytics

Remote Invigilation

Customers who have limited access to on-site testing rooms and/or would like to provide learners with more flexibility around work and other commitments, we offer a remote invigilation service using a third-party platform Talview. Our Digital Support Managers provide full support and training for customers who decide to use the remote invigilation service.

Visit the remote invigilation page to learn more about the benefits of this service.

Visit the E-volve page to learn more

Our platform to help learners prepare for their on-line Functional Skills tests

Customers delivering our Functional Skills qualifications can take advantage of our Open Assess assessment platform. The platform is designed to:

  • Replicate a live test environment for learners to practice Functional skills sample tests
  • Enable teachers to review and mark test results, and provide feedback to learners
  • Help teachers make more informed judgements about their learners’ readiness for the real test

Visit the Open Assess page to learn more

Digital learning solutions

Enhance your students' learning experience with City & Guilds interactive e-learning solutions. Designed to engage and motivate learners, they offer flexible support, with informative resources and access to tutor feedback helping your learners to progress and maximise success.

SmartScreen is our e-learning platform providing on-demand teaching and learning resources for tutors and learners. You’ll use this platform to access:

  • Resources and bite-sized e-learning materials to support face-to-face delivery methods
  • Interactive e-learning experience with classroom games and activities for each skill and level
  • SmartScreen resource packs which contain a range of materials such as schemes of work, lesson plans, activity sheets, sample questions and exam preparation materials

Find out more about SmartScreen

E-functional Skills Boost provides tutors and learners with unrivalled support and interactive learning experiences for our Functional skills qualifications:

  • Maths and English initial assessments from entry level 1 to level 2
  • Resources from entry level 3 to level 2
  • Digital skills entry level 3 to level 1 initial assessment and diagnostic

The Hodder platform enables tutors and learners to access initial assessments, diagnostics, and teaching and learning resources, including explanations, worked examples and knowledge tests. It also allows for tracking of learner progress and supports exam preparation with sample assessments.

Explore Boost for e-Functional Skills

Learning Assistant is our e-portfolio platform. It acts as a virtual assistant that's designed with learner progress in mind, allowing tutors and assessors to easily track performance, identify gaps, action plan and communicate feedback online. It creates an engaging, supportive virtual learning experience that motivates and inspires individuals.

Explore Learning Assistant

Five benefits of e-learning tools

Our online learning platforms provide an enhanced e-learning experience for learners and tutors. Here we share some of the benefits of these interactive platforms:

  1. E-learning improves learner engagement and motivation by adopting a variety of technologies and methodologies such as videos, quizzes, and interactive animations
  2. The advanced user interface, compared to the traditional “click next” or text book learning options, helps learners to retain knowledge more effectively
  3. They enable learners to progress at their own pace, and ensure they are comfortable in their learning and understanding before they move on to the next stage
  4. Customers can track data and provide instant feedback to learners and create customised learning plans for individuals (ILPs)
  5. They allow for flexible learning that can take place anytime and anywhere. Tutors can make use of the materials in classrooms, while learners can access the materials on a range of devices, as and when is convenient for them

Digital learning support

Our Digital Solutions Managers (DSMs) provide tailored training sessions and advice to ensure that you and your teams are prepared to get the most out of our e-learning and admin platforms.

They have a strong understanding of our platforms, products and courses, and will take the time to understand your needs, helping to provide a well-balanced professionally delivered training session.

Book a demonstration

Demonstrations are delivered online to groups or can be requested on an individual basis depending on your needs. This service is free of charge and available for potential or existing customers. Get in touch with us to learn more or book a session today.

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Personalised and expert support

Learn more about our specialist teams who are available to support you through every stage of qualification delivery.

Digital Solutions Managers

Our Digital Solutions Managers (DSMs) have extensive knowledge of our digital platforms and provide full demonstrations and tailored training sessions for all platforms.

Visit the Digital Solutions Managers page for information on how they can support you.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team are available to provide solutions to general enquiries and online platform support.

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