Frequently Asked Questions when using the Moderation Portal

I’ve forgotten my username

For a primary account (the main administration account for your centre) the username will be your six-digit centre number. If you have a subcentre you will need to include any suffix letters. 

For all other users of the Moderation Portal, please contact your centre’s primary user (who has access to the primary account through which users can be added, amended or deleted).

The City & Guilds Quality Team will be able to support you with identifying the person within your centre to contact if you are not sure. 

I’ve forgotten my password

There’s a ‘reset password’ link on the login page. Enter your username and you’ll be sent a link via email to reset your password securely.

I don’t have an account

If you don’t have an account, then you need to speak to your centre’s primary user who will be able to create an account for you on the Portal and assign the relevant qualifications to you. 

Please note that due to data protection purposes the City & Guilds Quality team cannot create an account on your behalf.

I don’t have a login and don’t know who the primary user is

City & Guilds can’t create an account for you due to data protection and to ensure the integrity of the information stored within the Portal – only your centre’s primary user can do this. 

Please contact us using our details below, and the Quality Team will be able to tell you the name of the person at your centre who is the primary user. You will have to speak to that person yourself to arrange an account to be created in order to gain access to the Moderation Portal.

The primary user has now left our centre / changed

Please notify the City & Guilds Quality Team who will make the necessary amendments within the Moderation Portal and a new primary user will be sent an access link to the main centre account.

When making these amendments to the primary user, please be aware that we aim to ensure the Moderation Portal primary user accounts are held by the Senior Designated Exams Office Contacts as notified to us within the VTQ contact update forms. 

Some of my learners and/or their units are missing

All learners who have active bookings made via Walled Garden will be visible on the Moderation Portal. Please check your learner records to confirm if the bookings have been placed correctly. If the bookings have been made but are incorrect or missing, please contact the Quality Team for support.

If you find that bookings were not made, you will need to contact Customer Support on 01924 930800 to ensure the bookings are made.

I can’t see the right qualifications

If you can’t see the qualifications or the learners you were expecting to be visible within the Portal, this will likely be due to the qualification not being assigned to your account.

Please contact your primary user to request the qualification(s) are added to your account. Please note that due to data protection purposes the City & Guilds Quality Team cannot assign qualifications to your account.

It’s taking a long time to upload files

Please note if you are uploading large amounts of data (particularly video files with a large file size), the evidence will take longer to upload. The time this takes to upload will also depend on your network speed.

We recommend that wherever possible centres upload learner evidence in advance of the final submission date, to allow time to address any difficulties with the uploading of files or submitting marks / grades.

We anticipate a peak of activity within the Moderation Portal platform on the final submission date, which may also cause the system to slow down a little.

The platform keeps freezing

We are aware that the stability of the platform can be compromised during our peak usage periods. This is something we are constantly working to improve.

If you are struggling with the platform or have experienced issues previously, please try to avoid submitting your evidence on the final submission date.

Peak hours of usage are weekdays 10:00-15:00.