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We’ve already helped dozens of organisations to realise the value of skills recognition. Click on a case study below to find out the impact we made on their business through our recognition services.

By achieving ILM Assured status, Webhelp were able to improve and validate their training programmes to reach their objectives.

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Icon Medical Group set out to grow the business, increase revenue and to enhance progression opportunities.                                                                            

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Sitegroup used City & Guilds Assured to develop job-role competency, enable progression and deliver better value for clients.

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To be eligible you will initially need to meet the following criteria;

  • be operational for a minimum 12 months and registered at Companies House in the UK (or equivalent in country)
  • your programme is not a regulated or un-regulated qualification that sits on a UK, national or local qualification framework
  • your organisation owns or has the permission to deliver the programme and use Intellectual Property (IP) of the training content

Assured is suitable for employers, training providers and recognised professional bodies/trade associations or local governments/authorities. For professional bodies/trade associations there needs to be a clear route outlined and identified as the recognised professional body/regulator for the industry.