Learning Assistant

City & Guilds Learning Assistant is a market-leading e-portfolio system designed to enable your organisation to reach its full potential. Learning Assistant transforms the vocational education management process, allowing you to maximise productivity, increase profitability and enhance the quality of the learning experience.

LA Connect

From Learning Assistant to Walled Garden non-stop, travel - welcome LA Connect.

LA Connect will save you time.

Learning Assistant transforms the vocational education management process, allowing you to maximise productivity, increase profitability and enhance the quality of the learning experience. We have now updated Learning assistant to ensure one unique order number can take our customers on a smooth journey through the entire registration and certification process without having to change over between different systems.

Now LA Connect offer you:

  • Enrol candidates in Learning Assistant and it will automatically register them in Walled Garden
  • After being enrolled on a course, each candidate is assigned an awarding body candidate number (ENR) which is pulled from the Walled Garden (if it doesn't already exist)
    Candidates can be booked on to an evolve test through Learning Assistant, and the results can be automatically populated into the candidates portfolio
  • Centres can claim a Result Entry directly from Learning Assistant once the candidate has completed a City & Guilds course
  • Creates efficiency and effectiveness of administration and tracking through the life of a candidate

How it works

With the Learning Assistant e-portfolio system users connect and interact within a fully supported and collaborative virtual learning environment.

Rather than working with bulky paper portfolios, learners and assessors access a web-based e-portfolio that contains all their relevant course materials. Learners upload evidence to the system allowing those involved in the learning process to plan, give feedback, assess, verify and finally award the qualification.

Smart and functional portfolio building, assessment and communication tools and a host of added value features support and enhance the process, improving the educational experience for all users.



  • Customisable to centre needs and corporate branding
  • Flexible course building tools enable the build of bespoke training courses.

Quality control

Quality control.
  • Course folders provide a central store of all course information
  • Individual evidence folders make e-portfolio management easy
  • Smart assessment and verification tools enable assessors and verifiers to assess candidate work and record feedback online
  • Evidence wizard tool enable cross-referencing of evidence holistically and the submission of competence claims against course standards
  • Embedded electronic signatures ensure the authentication of each user interaction, creating an audit trail that meets the regulations set by awarding organisations and skills funding agencies.


  • Comprehensive reporting tools enable centres to generate high quality management reports which can be scheduled and automated
  • Sophisticated progress tracking systems provide real-time learner progress reports.


  • Full integration capabilities with MIS systems.
  • LA Connect ingrates your Learning Assistant to the City & Guilds Walled Garden and evolve platforms 

Flexibility and accessibility

Flexibility and accessibility.
  • Accessible anywhere with multi-site access
  • Learning Assistant App available for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Offline desktop application.

Customer support

Customer support.
  • Best-in-class customer support and dedicated advisors
  • Refresher network events

Multiple course delivery

Multiple course icon
  • Learners can be enrolled onto an apprenticeship programme enabling candidates to work on multiple courses at any given time.
  • Training organisations can assign different assessors and verifiers to candidate courses, including primary and secondary assessors and verifiers.
  • Assessors can cross reference evidence holistically across the whole apprenticeship programme (not just the individual qualification) and view progress for each component.
  • Training managers can view learner progress and run management reports across the entire apprenticeship programme.


Learning Assistant is supported by:

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LA Anywhere

We have updated our LA Apps for both iOS and Android. This will allows candidates and assessor to gather evidence on the go and offline! We have enhanced the App to allow a user to record a 20mins video and 60mins of audio through the App, which can then be uploaded directly to the Learning Assistant system.

We have enabled the LA Anywhere desktop application to all customers. This will allow Assessors to record, upload and cross reference evidence into a candidate’s portfolios offline.


Download on the app store. For iPad and iPhone 

The Learning Assistant App for iPad and iPhone provides users with a smart and intuitive interface to manage training, allowing assessors to monitor learner progress, create digital evidence and observations, cross reference across the course and communicate with others via the messaging service.

Get it on Google play. For Android handset 

The Learning Assistant App for Android handsets can support users in capturing picture evidence. Users can also access the contact diary and communicate with others via the messaging service. 

Get it on Google play. For Android tablet

The new Learning Assistant App for Android tablets supports users in capturing and storing picture evidence on the device remotely.

For support downloading the Learning Assistant App from the App Store and Google Play Store please contact the App Store and Google Play Store's help service.