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City & Guilds offer a range of maths and English qualifications and learning units in addition to Functional Skills, Essential Skills and ESOL Skills for Life.

Many learners can benefit from programmes that enable them to develop specific numeracy or literacy skills for aspects of work and life.

English Skills and Mathematics Skills (3847)

The English/Mathematics Skills (3847) suite of qualifications was designed particularly with these learners in mind, allowing small units of learning to be recognised and rewarded.

Because of the highly flexible way in which these qualifications are assessed, evidence of meeting the assessment criteria can be drawn from almost any work-related or other context relevant to the learner. The units can also easily be combined together and evidenced through more holistic activities, for example using the ‘work packs’ we have developed to support these qualifications.

Each unit focuses on a specific area of the National Standards for Adult Numeracy/Literacy. There are 100 units in total - 55 in mathematics and 45 in English.

The suite includes 140 qualifications:

  • 100 single-unit qualifications
  • 30 'Themed' Awards (eg 'English - Reading'; 'Mathematics - Handling Data')
  • 10 Certificate-sized qualifications (covering the whole standard at each level)


The maths units within the 3847 suite are an excellent option if you are a provider currently delivering, or wanting to deliver, programmes funded by the Multiply scheme.

Principles of Using Mathematical Techniques and Principles of Using Written and Spoke English (3844)

These qualifications enable learners to demonstrate sound knowledge and understanding of maths or English, as well as the confidence and resilience to operate under the pressure of a one-off onscreen test. More information can be found on the 3844 qualification page.

Available at Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2, these qualifications can be used to help learners progress towards 'destination' qualifications such as Functional Skills or GCSE.

They provide adults and young people with an opportunity to demonstrate to prospective employers and others that they have a solid grasp of how to use English and maths effectively. Whilst the test is one-off and designed to be taken 'when ready', it will usually follow a substantial programme of learning.

Alternate and Augmentative Communication (3716)

The award and certificate in Augmentative and Alternative Communication qualifications are designed to be wide ranging qualifications that allow learners to develop effective communication. It is designed to be taught or facilitated by a variety of professionals and carers including teachers, speech and language therapists and physiotherapists.

The award and certificate in Augmentative and Alternative Communication are for anybody who has little or no natural speech. 

Personal Progress (3803)

Our Personal Progress (3803) qualifications enable young people and adults with learning difficulties to develop life skills and become more independent. Providers are able to select from a range of units covering a range of topics such as communication, reading and writing, maths, independent living, and workplace skills, depending on the needs of their learners. 

They are not entry requirements and the qualifications are available for delivery in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.