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The hospitality industry is growing. One in five new jobs created globally are within the industry, and 100 million more new jobs are forecast in the next 10 years. This means the industry must find new ways to cope and thrive.

The impact of this growth can already be seen today, as businesses are struggling to keep up with demand and the widening of skills gaps is always increasing.

With one in three workers leaving their jobs in their first year, and a growing perception of the hospitality industry being a stepping stone, the industry must come together to make a change.


The solution

We’re on a mission to help businesses across the hospitality sector to find new and innovative ways to attract, nurture, and retain the talent needed to grow, so, let’s beat the skills shortage together!

As a leading innovator in skills development and workplace learning, we’re collaborating with employers, leading associations and training providers to create a suite of solutions that showcase a range of career opportunities within the hospitality sector to help attract and retain talent.

By recognising the skills and experience of your staff, you’ll build a loyal, productive workforce and a successful, growing business.

For Employers

Our Global Hospitality Certification is a brand new global skills framework for the hospitality industry.

Created in partnership with WorldChefs and employers, it’s the first professional skills framework that has been co-designed with industry experts, to recognise the skills and experience of those working in hospitality.

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For Centres

Launching 1 January 2020

As markets and industries are always changing, we’re launching our new and improved IVQ provision, which will continue to offer qualifications and services that are fit for purpose in the modern workplace.

Our international hospitality qualifications reflect the skills and competencies required by employers. By incorporating the latest technology, our new IVQ’s will make City & Guilds graduates ready for the world of work, wherever they are in the world. They can then progress through the Global Hospitality Certification process for a successful career in hospitality.

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