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With the ongoing implementation of the Government’s Apprenticeship Reforms and the introduction of the new Standards in England, cuts to FE budgets and changes in funding, there’s never been greater national emphasis on apprenticeships.

And with a UK Government target of 3 million apprenticeships by 2020, public funding is being prioritised to deliver this objective.

Apprenticeships are becoming the method of choice for getting young people into work, and now is the time to consider introducing or growing your apprenticeship provision.


Why choose a City & Guilds Apprenticeship

Partnering with employers to deliver successful apprenticeships

Tips for adding value for employers

What funding is available for current apprenticeships

Approvals process for delivering City & Guilds apprenticeships products

Benefits of delivering our apprenticeships

Tips for delivering the new Trailblazer apprenticeships


Why choose a City & Guilds apprenticeship?

Our apprenticeships are seen as the benchmark in key industries – from agriculture to engineering, management to hairdressing – in the UK and worldwide. Through our Industry Skills Board, we work closely with employers to demonstrate the value of apprenticeships to their businesses.

Our employer section on this website is a useful tool for you to share with employers, helping to show that apprenticeships are an investment in the future success of their business.

We are dedicated to increasing the value of apprenticeships by creating market-leading products and services that will help you to produce highly trained apprentices and win more employer business.

Training Centres Talk About Apprenticeships Staff from one of the training centres that work with City & Guilds discuss how the process works including the benefits to business and funding opportunities


Partnering with employers to deliver successful apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a unique opportunity to work in partnership with employers.

The quality of learning and training that a provider can offer is a vital element in allowing businesses to manage and grow talent within their workforce. The best apprenticeships add value to businesses and are a worthwhile investment to the employer. 

A provider’s role in delivering an apprenticeship will be off-the-job knowledge-based learning. The majority of apprentice experience will be on-the-job learning and employer mentoring.  A provider may also need to support the employer in practical work-based learning to prepare them for qualification assessment or end-point assessment (for Trailblazer apprenticeships).  

Providers that understand their local market needs can play an important role in helping employers with current workforce skills gaps in a particular occupational area in their region.

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Deputy Principal, College of North West London Mike Welsh, (College of North West London), talks about the methods they employ when engaging with employers. Watch the video to find some helpful tips.

Tips for adding value for employers

An employer’s success is your success and therefore how you engage with employers and add value to your offer, is vitally important.

  • Understanding employer businesses: Where can apprenticeships add value to a business?   
    • Consider working with employers to identify and analyse their current skills gaps and develop a programme with suitable current Frameworks or new Trailblazer apprenticeships to develop the talent they need
    • Consider also a business’ future workforce requirements and develop a plan to have apprentices in place to meet those needs
    • Consider support programmes or consultancy to professionally develop apprenticeships within their business, including staff training and planning

Working in partnership with employers produces higher quality apprenticeships with an increase in completion rates, and results in increased productivity for businesses.

  • Produce a pipeline of talent so you can engage with employers

    Consider full-time prior learning such as City & Guilds TechBac which could enhance a learner’s opportunity for apprenticeship roles by ensuring they are work-ready. Prior learning may also reduce the duration of the apprenticeship for the employer.     


What funding is available for current apprenticeships?

Education providers on the provider register currently have the capability to draw funding from the SFA for all apprenticeship delivery via their monthly ILR return (although the funding rules for SASE frameworks is different from new trailblazer apprenticeships). The amount of funding available depends on the apprentice’s age and the programme type as well as the size and location of the employer.  Regional grants may be available for eligible programmes.

From August 2017, providers will no longer receive direct allocations for apprenticeship delivery (either SASE Frameworks or Trailblazer apprenticeships) for levy-paying employers. 

Read more about the levy

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The funding model for new Trailblazer apprenticeships in England is different.

Read more

Approvals process for delivering City & Guilds apprenticeships products

The approvals process below is for apprenticeships that incorporate a qualification. For new Trailblazer apprenticeships that do not include a qualification there will be a new registration process.  Please speak to your Business Manager for further information,    or email us

  1. If your centre isn’t already approved to offer City & Guilds qualifications, products and services, you’ll need to complete a Centre Approval (CAP) Form, which includes one qualification approval.
  2. If you are already an approved City & Guilds centre you’ll need to complete a Qualification Approval (QAP) Form for the specific qualification.
  3. We’ll visit your centre as part of the approval process, and give you tailored support on how to deliver City & Guilds Technical Qualifications.


Benefits of delivering our apprenticeships

A City & Guilds apprenticeship means a fully tailored vocational solution that can be created for any business, ensuring effective learning and guaranteed recognition for learners.

Our range of benefits and services include:

  • Wide range of sectors – We offer over 170 Apprenticeship Frameworks across 26 sectors, and are currently developing an offer in England to meet the new Apprenticeship Standards. View our apprenticeships categorised by industry sector
  • Full support – City & Guilds offers a comprehensive support service through every stage of delivery, and our team of Business Managers and expert Technical Advisors are always on hand to help
  • Learning resources – Our Smartscreen online hub gives you access to all the learning resources you need in one place. It helps tutors to streamline delivery to apprentices across multiple sites so less time is spent in planning and more time supporting the learners leading to higher achievement rates. View our Smartscreen learning and teaching resources  
  • Quality control – Our Quality Assurance Model helps streamline the apprenticeship process ensuring you never have to compromise on quality. You’ll also have access to our highly experienced Quality Consultants and Subject Advisors to help you deliver your apprenticeship to the highest standard possible


Tips for delivering the new Trailblazer apprenticeships

Whether you’re new to the apprenticeship market, or are an existing provider transitioning from the old SASE Frameworks, we’ve put together some top tips for helping you to prepare for delivering the new Trailblazer apprenticeships.

View our preparation tips for delivering the new Trailblazer apprenticeships

Read more about the Apprenticeship Reforms in England



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