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Navigating the Green Skills Landscape

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Welcome to our Green Podcast Series, developed in collaboration with Green Edge! Dive into a world of sustainable possibilities as we explore various topics related to green skills. Hosted by Dr. Michael Cross and Fraser Harper, this podcast series explores the critical transition towards a sustainable planet and the pivotal role of green skills in shaping the economy. In collaboration with City & Guilds, the hosts delve into the green skills agenda and its implications for workforce development.

Whether you're passionate about eco-friendly practices, curious about the latest advancements in sustainable technology, or interested in fostering a career in the green sector, our Green Podcast Series is your go-to resource. Join us on this enlightening journey as we unravel insights from industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries.

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Episode 2: Green Horizons – Exploring the opportunities and challenges in green careers

In the second City & Guilds Green Edge podcast, the hosts, Dr. Michael Cross and Fraser Harper delve into green job landscapes, diversity's role, and pathways to sustainability careers, offering insights for navigating the evolving green transition.

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Past podcasts

Episode 1: Green Horizons - Navigating Britain's Labour Market in the Green Transition

In this first episode of a special series of Green Edge podcasts, produced in association with City & Guilds, we consider the big picture of Britain’s labour market and the effect on it of the Green Transition.

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