Episode 2: Green Horizons – Exploring the opportunities and challenges in green careers

In this City & Guilds Green Edge Podcast episode, the hosts, Dr. Michael Cross and Fraser Harper discuss the vast scale of changes needed to achieve net zero emissions. They explore the expansion of renewable energy sources, the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, and the comprehensive retrofitting of homes and buildings, highlighting the pressing need for upskilling and reskilling across various sectors to meet the demands of the expanding green economy. With forecasts indicating that a substantial portion of the workforce will at some stage engage directly or indirectly in green roles, further underlines the importance of preparation and flexibility in navigating this evolving landscape.

One notable highlight of the episode is the discussion featuring Leah Robson, founder of Your Energy, Your Way, who shares insights into the challenges and opportunities in the sustainability sector. Leah's innovative approach to training, including a crowdfunding campaign to support trainees and paying them the living wage, underscores the importance of diversity and accessibility in sustainability employment championing the importance of cultivating a diverse workforce and acknowledges the vast potential of rewarding careers in sustainability across demographics.

Through engaging conversations with industry experts, the podcast sheds light on the evolving qualifications landscape and the pivotal role of diversity in sustainability careers. Listeners gain invaluable insights into the opportunities emerging in the green job market and the pathways to a sustainable future. Join Dr. Cross and Fraser Harper as they navigate the complexities of the green transition and explore the multitude of possibilities for individuals and industries alike in this exciting era of change. 

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