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East Asia

What products and services do we offer?

We have an extensive portfolio of vocational and service qualifications in business, hospitality, tourism and engineering training.

Our products

Our products are designed to help economic development and growth across the region, and are designed to increase skills and training to meet East Asia's rapid growth.

Our vocational qualifications across the Far East are available to learners at all stages of their careers, from new entrants to the job market, to experienced employees wishing to acquire new skills.

Industry sectors covered by our qualifications:

City & Guilds courses in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan are geared to providing learners with work-ready skills to meet employer demand. Currently we offer the following subjects:

Hong Kong

Our vocational courses in Hong Kong are designed to provide training in the hair and beauty industry, hospitality and the construction industries:

All qualifications except English are offered in Chinese.


We offer more than 20 Chinese qualifications recognised by the Chinese Occupational Skill Testing Authority (OSTA) and specialise in the following subjects:

All qualifications except English are offered in Chinese.


Our courses in Taiwan focus the country's status as a high technology, service oriented economy, with a thriving tourist industry, driven by affluent travellers from Mainland China:

  • Barista
  • Bartending
  • HAB (Customer Support, Conflict Handling and Selling)
  • International Teaching training & Assessing Learning
  • Makeup

All qualifications are offered in Chinese.

Our services

Educational Institutions: Our qualifications are well regarded by educational institutions as they are quality assured, internationally recognised and can be tailored to suit regional needs.

Our services for educational institutions and centres include:

  • Helping to develop teacher training programmes and vocational curriculum reform
  • Facilitating growth with strategic partners
  • Improving learners’ English skills by working directly with centres
  • Sales and business development 

Governments and Local Authorities: We work with governments and local authorities to help establish vocational qualification frameworks and are currently involved in working with the Chinese government to assist in vocational education reform.  

We have created a comprehensive set of services to help governments and centres improve the quality of vocational education. They are:

  • Implementing educational reform
  • Providing internationally recognised qualifications
  • Collaborating with governments to develop national vocational qualifications.
  • Designing and developing qualification frameworks

Who works with us?

Our customers across the East Asia Region are international partners who approach us to collaborate in providing internationally-recognised training and qualifications.

Why should you choose us?

City & Guilds has a reputation in the region as a respected global qualifications awarding body.

Benefits of working with us - at a glance

  • We offer globally recognised qualifications
  • We set up our qualifications portfolio to match local needs
  • We apply strict quality standards sought by the job market – the City & Guilds logo is a seal of guarantee
  • We have 130 years of global experience in vocational education and training
  • We provide an online support and resource tool portal, SmartScreen, which allows training centres to access qualification-specific lesson plans, handouts, videos, exercises and presentations

We are proud of our history in the region

For the last 20 years, City & Guilds has offered qualifications throughout East Asia.

We opened our first office in the region in 1996, servicing customers, and in 2003, a second office was opened in China.

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Macau
  • Taiwan
 East Asia

In 2013, our Hong Kong and Shanghai offices were merged to form the current Greater China office. Today, we provide internationally recognised qualifications to aid expansion throughout the Far East.

City & Guilds International East Asia

Training needs

The current pace of economic development, together with a lack of courses providing critical thinking skills and practical experience, has contributed to the current lack of relevant vocational and skill training programmes across East Asia.

A recent survey by Hays* highlights a lack of sales, marketing, engineering, operations, technical, and R&D candidates at all levels. There is also a particular demand for senior business, accountancy, finance, human resources and IT managers.

Our own market research, conducted in association with professional organisations, training institutes and governments, has also identified the following industry-specific gaps within the East Asia region, specifically:

  • China faces shortages in teacher training, the service industry and mechanics as it moves away from low cost manufacturing towards a higher value-added service economy.
  • Hong Kong is experiencing demand for workers in the hair and beauty, culinary arts and construction fields and in emerging industries such as testing and inspection.
  • Taiwan needs support for its growing hospitality and catering sector, which like tourism is contributing significantly to the local economy. There is also a need for skilled managers across industries.

City & Guilds is working with governments, employers and training providers across East Asia to provide vocational courses in these areas.

We are also assisting local authorities across the region to develop national qualification frameworks and portable skills that can be used at home or abroad.

*China's Tight Talent Market: The Skills Shortage May Hinder Growth Warns Hays, 12 February 2015.
City & Guilds International East Asia

Our activities

Across East Asia, we are working with governments, educators and employers to increase training options for learners.

Chinese recognition for our vocational qualifications

We work closely with the Chinese government to offer students the opportunity to study for internationally recognised qualifications.

As the first international awarding body to be recognised by the Beijing Occupational Standard and Testing Authority (OSTA) (Minister of Labour Department), we are able to offer dual Chinese (OSTA) and English (City & Guilds) qualifications.

Courses and funding in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government has formally recognised our IESOL and EBC English courses.

Our students are also able to access funding schemes including the Continuous Education Fund (CEF), Our Workplace English Campaign (EBC) and Community Care funding support (for new immigrants from other countries, particularly China).

Barista training across East Asia

Across the East Asia region, we have trained over 7000 candidates in our Barista award over a six year period between 2009 and 2015.

We have local language websites available for China


We have local language websites available for Hong Kong



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