Princess Royal Training Awards 2017 receive over 100 applications

The City & Guilds Group is delighted to announce that the Princess Royal Training Awards 2017 received over 100 applications when entries closed on 31 March.

07 April 2017

Applications came from a very diverse range of employers, all hoping to achieve the standard of excellence. This year’s entries include high-tech engineering firms, household brands, public and voluntary sector institutions as well as a growing number of small employers and education providers.

Applications will now be reviewed by the Princess Royal Training Awards’ assessment team, who will carefully select the best applications and invite them to host a validation visit between May and June. All unsuccessful applicants will receive a feedback report on their application.

Now in the second year, the Princess Royal Training Awards recognise organisations who successfully link their skills development needs to improved business performance. For more information about the Awards and to register your interest for 2018, visit