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5 skills development tips to grow your business: From strong leadership to AI

06 June 2024
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Ensure you’re investing in the right skills for your organisation with key insights from HR and L&D professionals, as explored in our Skills Discovery Sessions.

Apprenticeships plugging the digital skills gap

01 May 2024
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How Baltic Apprenticeships and City & Guilds are working together to deliver essential digital skills training.

Innovative prison-based hospitality training helps prisoners develop in demand skills

10 April 2024
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How The Right Course and City & Guilds are upskilling prisoners through practical experience and quality education.

Celebrating the power of skills focused prison rehabilitation and new beginnings this spring

18 March 2024
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How City & Guilds is supporting skills development for prisons and prison leavers

Podcast: Exploring the opportunities and challenges in green careers

14 February 2024
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The City & Guilds Green Edge podcasts navigates the critical role of green skills in shaping our economy.

5 ways that T Levels prepare learners for apprenticeships

07 February 2024
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How T Level qualifications bridge the gap between apprenticeships and full-time education.

The benefits of apprenticeships to employers: In conversation with Balfour Beatty

06 February 2024
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We spoke with Balfour Beatty’s Head of Engineering Craig Jolly about why apprenticeships are important to the business and the future of industry.

From classroom to career: An engineering apprentice's path to success

05 February 2024
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Engineering apprentice Millie Norman shares how on-the-job training launched her career and why apprenticeships offer great options for aspiring engineers

Is now the perfect time to train as an electrician?

29 January 2024
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The demand for skilled electricians is expected to be higher than ever as the UK pushes to meet net zero targets.

Preparing for green jobs – new podcast explores skills for a sustainable future

13 December 2023
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The City & Guilds Green Edge podcast navigates the critical role of green skills in shaping our economy

Making the case for investment in training to drive business outcomes

13 September 2023
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Why should businesses prioritise skills development to adapt and thrive?

What are green skills and why are they essential for the future workforce?

21 April 2023
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From reaching net zero to protecting natural resources, investing in green jobs will be key.

How retrofitting could help resolve the UK energy crisis

16 February 2023
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Could the solution to rising energy costs be closer to home than we realise?

What are T Levels and how can they help close the skills gap?

09 February 2023
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Learn about the technical qualifications that are helping to equip learners with the practical skills and experience needed by industries facing skills shortages.

How apprenticeships help learners build careers for the future

07 February 2023
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With the cost of living continuing to rise and the heavy burden of debt attached to the university route, is it time for more young people to consider apprenticeships?


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