Preparing for green jobs – new podcast explores skills for a sustainable future

The City & Guilds Green Edge podcast navigates the critical role of green skills in shaping our economy

13 December 2023

Discover the journey towards a sustainable planet in the new City & Guilds Green Edge podcast, where hosts Dr. Michael Cross and Fraser Harper explore the critical transition and the significant role of green skills in shaping our economy.

Developed by Green Edge, in collaboration with City & Guilds, this podcast series sheds light on the intricacies of the green skills agenda and what it means for the future workforce.

In the podcast, green jobs are defined as ‘employment in an activity that directly contributes to or indirectly supports the achievement of the UK's net-zero emissions target and other environmental goals’. Green skills are defined as ‘the technical skills, knowledge, behaviours and capabilities required to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society’. These skills for the future extend beyond environmental considerations to include digital and design skills crucial for adapting to evolving job landscapes – learn more in our in-depth article: What are green skills and why are they essential for the future workforce?

Exploring opportunities and challenges for the green economy

The podcast series explores the opportunities and challenges of building a greener future, emphasising that a skilled workforce is imperative for achieving net-zero goals and addressing climate challenges.

Fraser and Cross discuss the importance of developing these critical skills, while highlighting how demographic changes in the UK labour market – from an ageing population to lower migration – create obstacles for reskilling, workforce re-entry, and addressing ongoing employment changes.

They also explore solutions to these challenges, introducing the work of the UK’s Green Jobs Taskforce and Green Jobs Delivery Group. It looks at their role in analysing, planning, and implementing green workforce strategies across diverse sectors, from energy and transport to agriculture, logistics, fashion, and healthcare.

As the podcast unfolds, it invites listeners to explore ongoing initiatives and developments in the green skills domain.

Listen to Episode 1: Green Horizons - Navigating Britain's Labor Market in the Green Transition

green skills widget imageIn the first episode, Cross and Harper consider the big picture of Britain’s labour market and the effect on it of the green transition. They highlight the potential for significant job creation resulting from the green transition, estimating the creation of 135,000 to 725,000 new jobs directly linked to net-zero initiatives. Nevertheless, the complexity of aligning national demand with local needs poses challenges in formulating effective skills improvement plans to drive communities towards net zero.

Stay tuned for more episodes of the City & Guilds Green Edge podcast series as we navigate the landscape of green skills, providing insights into the initiatives shaping the future of sustainable careers.

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