Author: Kirstie Donnelly

Getting to grips with the Apprenticeship Levy

14 March 2018
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I would ask for caution before people start writing the levy off as a failure. Any new system needs time to bed in – especially one with such significant changes involved.

Don't write apprenticeships off. They haven't even got started yet

14 March 2018
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With so much negative discussion, questions have understandably been raised about the future of apprenticeships in the UK. The good news is that despite what the headlines say it seems like good progress has been made in the first year.

The apprenticeship levy: a solution for UK skills shortages

14 March 2018
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While employers continue to have reservations about the way apprenticeships are funded, a new piece of research by City and Guilds and accounting firm Grant Thornton suggests that they are starting to get to grips with apprenticeships.

Don’t knock apprenticeships – give them time and support

21 February 2018
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Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Managing Director at City & Guilds Group, talks about the apprenticeship system.


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