Aviation Maintenance (Knowledge) (4708)

Last Updated: 10 Aug 2023

Product code 4708

The qualification within this suite is included in the Engineering Technician apprenticeship standard. The apprenticeship is for Engineering Technicians in the Aerospace and Aviation, Maritime Defence and wider Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Sector. The qualifications within the 4708 suite relates to the following occupations:

• Aircraft Maintenance Fitter/ Technician (Fixed and Rotary Wing)
• Airworthiness, Planning, Quality and Safety Technician

4708-30 Level 3 Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance (Military)

The 4708-30 Level 3 Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance (Military) is for learners who are interested in developing the specific knowledge and understanding for people who want to work in the Aerospace and Aviation sector within the military.

It is a technical knowledge qualification which will be undertaken in the development phase (second year) of the apprenticeship. This qualification will be taken in conjunction with the 4608-30, Level 3 Diploma in Aviation Maintenance (Development Competence) and 4608-60, Level 3 Diploma in Aviation Maintenance (Development Competence) – Military qualification. 

This Level 3 qualification is aimed at learners aged 16-18, 19+. To deliver these qualifications, centres will need to provide their learners with a suitable learning environment and the resources they need to complete the theoretical aspects of the qualification.


Learners interested in the 4708-30 Level 3 Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance (Military) will study the following:

Compulsory topics include:

• Military aviation mathematics and science
• Military aviation aerodynamics
• Human Factors (HF) in a military aviation environment

Learners will also be able to choose additional optional topics, including:

• Military Aviation Engineering (MAE) policy and regulation
• Military aircraft avionics system principles
• Military aviation engineering trade knowledge
• Military aviation electrical principles
• Maintaining military aircraft electrical systems

End-point assessment

End-Point Assessment (EPA) is through a nominated Professional Engineering Institution (PEI) or Military Independent Assessment Authority (MIAA).

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