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Case study ILP Pedas

Supporting skills in the tunnelling industry in Malaysia

The challenge

Kuala Lumpur has been investing heavily in infrastructure to improve connectivity and productivity in major urban areas. A key element of this is transport infrastructure.

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a planned three-line mass rapid transit system in the Greater Kuala Lumpur area in Malaysia.

The MRT will significantly increase the current rail network and integrate the existing rail networks to alleviate the severe traffic congestion in the Greater Kuala Lumpar  metropolitan area.

The construction of the first line commenced in July 2011. It represents one of the economic entry point projects identified for the Klang Valley 'National Key Economic Area' under the Economic Transformation Programme by the Malaysian Government.

The solution

A large scale infrastructure and engineering project such as this requires a significant development in skills to enable it to progress.

Institut Latihan Perindustrian Pedas (IPD Pedas) is a leading engineering training organisation in Malaysia. It is one of the training institutes within the Manpower Department at the Ministry of Human Resources.

ILP Pedas trains hundreds of learners each year, upskilling them on basic engineering, welding, fabrication and pipework.

They offer short six-week courses compared the full-time programmes with the institute (and offer certification under the Department of Skills Development).

The courses mix theory and practice – with participants enabled to undertake hands on training, so they are ready for entry level placement into the MRT tunnel industry.

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The results

ILP Pedas offers full-time and part-time customised courses for a wide range of individuals from school leavers to those in their late twenties and early thirties who want to learn new skills.

High-quality education and training is at the heart of the institute’s purpose to ensure that there is a good supply of skilled graduates entering the workforce.

Their aim is to ensure that over 90% of graduates will get job placements after completing training – serving the industry with the skilled individuals they need.

“Getting people job-ready can be a challenge, especially with reduced funding for training. Therefore having the option of a training programme that can be conducted in a relatively short timescale is very beneficial.

To have external validation from a skills organisation such as City & Guilds is great for our learners, as they can showcase their achievements with a certification. Our participants are able to complete the programmes fully equipped to make an impact in the MRT tunnel industry. ”

– ILP Pedas spokesperson.