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Functional Skills Maths, English & ICT

Functional Skills qualifications

We've been offering qualifications in maths, English and ICT for close to 50 years with the aim of helping young people and adults succeed in all that they choose to do in work and life.

Our Functional Skills maths and English qualifications, have been designed to help learners of all ages and levels, supporting them to develop and demonstrate the practical skills needed in real-life situations confidently.

We’ve made it easier than ever for learners to share their achievements online with a digital credential. Our digital credential is available for learners upon successful completion of their Functional Skills qualifications.

Available for first registration from September 2019, our offer includes:

  • Flexible new assessments at 5 Levels – Entry Level 1 to Level 2 available on demand.
  • English and Mathematics Level 1 and 2 Functional Skills exams available on demand, on paper and on screen.
  • Digital teaching and learning support resources mapped to the qualification: 
    - e-Functional Skills: supports learners from Initial assessment right through to being exam ready. 
    - SmartScreen: supports tutors delivering Functional Skills.
  • Two points of registration for English and Mathematics – Entry Levels and Levels 1 and 2 4748-02.
  • Online sample practice tests on Open Assess - an open version of e-volve, our online test platform. Open Assess replicates real test environment.
  • Improved assessment feedback.

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Functional Skills for Apprenticeships

All apprentices should be supported to improve their maths and English. Depending on the level of maths and English they’ve already achieved, and the apprenticeship being taken, studying maths and English could be a requirement of their apprenticeship. Maths and English through Functional Skills.

Details are in the apprenticeship standard or SASE framework though generally:

  • Level 2 apprentices need maths and English at Level 1 and have to attempt all elements of the Level 2 qualification
  • Level 3 apprentices need maths and English at Level 2
  • There may be extra requirements for higher level apprenticeships or particular industry roles

Qualification support material

To accompany our new qualifications, we have developed a full range of qualification support material which will help with delivery and assessment preparation.

  • Qualification handbooks
  • Assessor Instructions
  • Sample tests/mark schemes
  • Delivery guides (from September 2019)

Download these materials from the new Functional Skills (4748) qualification page.

Preparing for on screen tests

Learners can also take online sample practice tests on our Open Assess platform - an open version of e-volve, our online test platform. Open Assess replicates a live test environment and enables you to mark and provide feedback, helping to address areas in need of additional teaching support.

Find out more about Open Assess and how to access the platform.

Functional Skills Digital resources for learners and tutors

Digital resources to support your Functional Skills delivery

From our e-Functional Skills Reloaded learning platform to SmartScreen, we have a range of digital resources which will support your blended delivery and help you give your learners an independent learning experience.

This webinar will:

  • guide you through how to plan your delivery
  • show you how you can devise individual learning plans for either face to face, virtual or blended delivery
  • show you how you can prepare learners for testing, including mock tests, and sample papers.

Whatever resources or support you need, we’ll walk you through how to use them.

Watch our webinar to discover how our digital resources can support your blended Functional Skills delivery.

July 2021

Digital resources to support delivery – watch the recording

Digital resources to support delivery – download the slides (PDF)

e-Functional Skills Reloaded

e-Functional Skills Reloaded reinforces individual and classroom-based learning. All content is mapped to the new Functional Skills subject content and our revised qualifications. Our offer has everything you need – whether you're delivering entirely in the classroom or through blended learning.

  • A dynamic, stand-alone initial assessment - identifies the learner’s level, allowing you to place them on the most appropriate learning programme
  • A diagnostic assessment - identifies any learning gaps and generates an individual learning plan
  • Tracking - allows you to monitor learners’ progress along the way
  • Resources - covers English, Mathematics and ICT from Entry Level 3 to Level 2.

To find out more, call us on 01924 206709.

SmartScreen for tutors

SmartScreen maths and English

Maths and English digital teaching and learning resources for tutors delivering Functional Skills at all levels are available through SmartScreen. The resources are mapped to the new Functional Skills subject content and are designed to support anyone delivering our new qualifications, whatever their levels of confidence or experience.

Resources include:

  • Resource guides for each skill and level
  • Topics specific videos
  • Interactive e-learning
  • Classroom games and activities
  • Exam preparation videos
  • Videos to help develop speaking, listening and communicating skills

Take a look at the clips to get a feel for the content available to you and your learners.

SmartScreen Maths And English show reel (YouTube)

SmartScreen Maths and English Walkthrough (YouTube)