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Guidance and important resources for using our online assessment platform

E-volve is our online assessment platform that enables learners and apprentices to sit tests securely. Centre staff can also use e-volve to view scheduled tests, access results and print score reports.

Even though e-volve is web-based, your exams officer can download exams to a laptop or PC and use them offline giving you greater flexibility in busy periods or for peace of mind.

If you are new to e-volve and would like to know how to conduct assessments using the platform, take a look through our comprehensive centre user guides and frequently asked questions (FAQs). You will find everything you need for the day-to-day management of e-volve tests, including:

E-volve assessment overview

When administering and managing e-volve assessments, there are three core platforms you will need to use for all stages of the assessment cycle

The secure administration system for approved centres.

  • Place orders for candidate registrations and schedule e-volve tests
  • View candidate history reports, financial reports, and order reports for all registrations, confirmed e-volve test results, and exam bookings.
  • View a full catalogue of qualifications, providing information on registration end dates and e-volve assessments.

The exam administration software, used by centre staff to administer tests to learners under invigilated conditions.

  • Manage the delivery of e-volve assessments (print invigilation packs, void tests, and view provisional candidate results)

The learner interface, where e-volve tests are taken.

  • Unlock and complete e-volve tests using a unique keycode and pin.
  • Download e-volve tests for offline delivery.

How to set up and manage your e-volve account

What you need to know to get started with e-volve.

Apply for and set up e-volve

If your centre is new to e-volve and would like to start delivering an e-volve test you can apply for e-volve by completing the online application form.

Please note, you must be an approved City & Guilds customer with access to a Walled Garden account before applying.

The e-volve assessment platform uses the following assessment platforms to deliver e-volve tests:

  • e-volve SecureAssess - used to administer e-volve test by centre staff.
  • e-volve SecureClient - used by candidates to take e-volve tests under invigilator conditions.

We recommend that when applying for a new e-volve account, you meet the minimum technical requirements to run e-volve tests using e-volve SecureAssess and e-volve SecureClient. Ask your IT or technical support team to check the e-volve Technical Requirements to support the platform’s internal administration software.

Setting up a new e-volve account

When an e-volve SecureAssess account is first set up, two user accounts are created (Primary and Technical contacts).

These accounts are usually assigned to an Exams Officer and IT Administrator and will become the main point of contact for e-volve. The primary and technical contacts have the permissions to create additional user accounts.

Primary contact: This role is usually assigned to the exams officer, and they will become the main point of contact for e-volve. They are responsible for the creation of additional centre users, and subsequently viewing/amending user details.

Technical contact: this user is responsible for the technical set-up of e-volve: usually, an IT Administrator (IT/network manager at the centre). It could also be the exams officer.

Managing your e-volve users

Centres have the option to create additional e-volve SecureAssess users. The Exams Officers (Primary contact) or IT Administrator (Technical contact) are the main points of contacts for e-volve and have the permissions to create additional user accounts.

Contact your Exams Officer or IT support teams If you would like an e-volve SecureAssess account created. Please note, e-volve accounts are personal and must not be shared between colleagues.

For information on user roles, permissions and steps to create additional users, please refer to the e-volve Centre User Guide.

How to administer e-volve assessments

Essential information for managing e-volve assessments, including scheduling and amending tests, invigilation and accessing results.

Schedule an e-volve assessment

E-volve tests are scheduled and arranged via Walled Garden. Read on for important information and advice for managing e-volve tests, including how to register learners, to cancelling assessments.

Learner registration

The first step in the e-volve assessment cycle is to register learners for the qualification. This needs to be done before an e-volve test can be scheduled.

Learner registrations are managed via Walled Garden. For information on how to register learners visit Walled Garden support.

Schedule an e-volve test

E-volve tests are scheduled via Walled Garden. Once you have registered your learner onto the relevant qualification, select ‘e-volve scheduling’ from the Catalogue page to schedule an e-volve test.

For step-by-step guidance on how to book e-volve tests using Walled Garden, refer to the e-volve Centre User Guide.

View scheduled e-volve tests

Scheduled e-volve tests are available to view via ‘order reports’ in the Walled Garden. For detailed guidance on how to view Walled Garden order reports, refer to the e-volve Centre User Guide.

Timeframes for scheduling an e-volve test

E-volve tests can be scheduled in Walled Garden as little as 30 minutes prior to the scheduled test time. This will still give a 30-day window for the test to be completed (and if applicable the results uploaded) before the end of the exam window. However, to reduce last minute problems, tests should be scheduled as far ahead as possible. Walled Garden enables you to book tests up to six months in advance.

End-Point Assessment knowledge tests (including resits) must be scheduled in Walled Garden at least five days prior to the assessment date.

Time extensions for e-volve tests

Additional time can be assigned to a test under special circumstances. Time extensions of up to 25% (or 50% for some assessments) can be selected via Walled Garden. Please consult the time extension policy guidelines before booking time extensions for learners.

Visit the Walled Garden support page for guidance on how to book time extensions.

Cancel or amend e-volve test

To cancel an e-volve test, you will need to void the test in e-volve SecureAssess via the Invigilation screen. After 24 hours, the voided test will disappear from the Invigilation screen and the order status in the orders report in Walled Garden will change from ‘Booking accepted’ to ‘Student Absent’.

Please note, e-volve test orders cannot be cancelled from Walled Garden.

There is no charge for a booking marked as ‘absent’ or voided.

E-volve tests cannot be amended. In case you need to make changes to an existing booking (e.g., different date / time / assessment unit), you need to void the original booking (as described above) and make a new one in Walled Garden.

Invigilating e-volve assessments

E-volve tests are managed and delivered in e-volve SecureAssess, our e-assessment platform. To deliver an exam under invigilated conditions, the invigilator will need to log in to SecureAssess to view and administer the tests to learners.

Invigilators have the option to view e-volve tests, view keycodes, void tests and access provisional candidate results. For information on how to administer e-volve tests via SecureAssess please refer to the e-volve Centre User Guide.

Remote Invigilation assessments

The Remote Invigilation service allows assessments on our e-volve platform to be taken from home or the workplace, removing the need to travel to a test centre, and lowering costs for both centres and candidates. Remote invigilation test bookings are made via Walled Garden.

A remote invigilation test is scheduled via the Walled Garden. Tests booked for the Remote Invigilation service must have at least five working days between the date of the booking and the intended date of the test. This is to allow for every stage of the Remote Invigilation booking process to be completed before the candidate takes the test.

Our Remote Invigilation service is offered using a third-party platform Talview.

Cancel Remote Invigilation test

E-volve tests booked using the Remote Invigilation service need to be cancelled via Customer Services. Any confirmed booking cancelled within two working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays) of the test start time / date will incur the full charge of the booking.

For more information including how to book a test and essential prerequisites, view our Remote Invigilation service page below.

Learn more about Remote Invigilation

E-volve assessment results

Test results in e-volve SecureAssess are provisional and available immediately after the e-volve test. Confirmed results are available in Walled Garden 48 hours after the completed test and can be seen in the ‘Candidate History’ order report.

Please note, examiner marked results are available 20 working days after successful upload of the e-volve test.

For information on e-volve test results and the reports available, please refer to the e-volve Centre User Guide.

Analyse centre and candidate performance

The Centre Analytics platform, is a separate platform to SecureAssess and provides key features for centres to search candidate test history, view a calendar of scheduled e-volve tests and compare centre performance, you can also compare tests to the pass rate global average. You can use the same login details for SecureAssess for Centre analytics.

The platform is ideal for teaching staff and exams officers.

For information on how to access these features, please refer to the e-volve Centre User Guide.

Log in to the Centre Analytics system

More e-volve support

Explore our range of comprehensive user guides, FAQs, technical support, troubleshooting tips and more.

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If you would like additional support or you are experiencing a problem with the e-volve platforms that you are unable to resolve through your IT support, please contact us. We'll do our best to resolve your problem.

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