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e-Functional Skills

e-Functional Skills is an online Functional Skills teaching and learning resource designed to help you guide learners, whether apprentices, work-based learners or independent learners, from initial assessment to exam success.

e-Functional Skills helps you to deliver maths, English and ICT Functional Skills from levels Entry 3 - Level 2 and is fully compatible with mobile and tablet devices, supporting teaching and learning in the classroom, workplace or even on the move.

e-Functional Skills allows you to:

Quickly and easily conduct accurate assessment of a learner’s skills level

  • Initial assessments allow you to assess a learner’s skills level and place your learners on an appropriate programme of learning
  • Bite-sized diagnostic tests help you to identify a learner’s strengths and weaknesses to assist lesson planning and measure skills acquisition

Design and deliver fully customised learning programmes 

  • Automatically generated Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) allow you to tailor learning to a learner’s areas of need
  • Sophisticated lesson builder tool enables you to craft bespoke lesson plans for individuals or cohorts
  • Content import and export tools allow you to export content onto your learning platform to support classroom teaching or import your own content and resources to enhance learning support

Encourage learner development and promote self-motivated learning

  • Learning modules with multimedia resources organised by level and skills area help guide your learners through the course
  • ‘Test your knowledge’ tests help learners consolidate their learning and check their progress

Fully prepare learners for their Functional Skills assessment

  • Exam guidance, exam scenarios and full City & Guilds past papers build learner confidence and help ensure your learners are test-ready

Support inspection requirements

  • Reporting tools allow tutors and managers to monitor learner progress and attainment
  • In-built initial and diagnostic assessment tools and ILPs ensures learners are receiving appropriate teaching and learning
  • Increasing use of digital learning resources to deliver blended learning will support your centre in meeting the requirements of the FELTAG agenda

Introducing Vocational Top Ups

Vocational Top Ups for e-Functional Skills are a range of contextualised Functional Skills resources that complement the existing resources and improve learners' understanding of concepts with examples from the Construction, Care, and Hair & Beauty sectors.

This should improve the effectiveness and relevance of Functional Skills resources for the learner with vocationally specific coverage of all the maths and English skills required in the exam also.

Watch our introductory video on E-Functional Skills Vocational Top-ups here.

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