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Browse a selection of our sample teaching and learning resources below.

Audio and video materials

Short audio and video clips help bring learning to life and can be used in a variety of contexts.

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Delivery plans

Available for every sub-topic to help session planning and ensuring best use of learning materials. Resources include ‘top class teaching tips’ alongside ‘struggle’ tips for learners

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Interactive activities

These online activities can be completed in a classroom setting with the support of tutors, or independently for more able learners.

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Paper-based activities

Provided as both tutor and learner material, these activities are referred to in the delivery plans, but do also feature additional standalone activities.

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Revision videos

Revision videos refresh understanding and prepare learners for assessment.

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Quiz and revision cards

These can be used in different ways, either in tutor led activities, or pair and group work. They provide prompts for checking understanding and promote bite-sized learning.

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