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e-volve application form

Thank you for your interest in e-volve as your test and assessment platform.

To have an e-volve account, you must:

  • meet the technical requirements (talk to your IT or technical support to check this)
  • have a Walled Garden account so you can register candidates and book the tests.

Walled Garden is our secure site for approved customers to order our products and services. You should apply to be an approved customer or centre before you apply for e-volve if you’re not already a customer.

We’ll use the information you give here to create your e-volve profile. We’ll do this within seven working days and email you the account details.

Centre details

Primary Contact

Technical contact

If you are intending to test more than 10 candidates offline, please call Customer Relations on 0192 4930 800

For questions about your e-volve application, email: evolvesupport@cityandguilds.com. Telephone: +44 207 294 2885 (International).

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