Stepping into your next job in construction

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So what’s next?

At City & Guilds, we are passionate about supporting people to develop skills that help them into a job.

Which is why we are teaming up with organisations across the UK to help you map out your next steps to a start a career in construction.

Develop the skills needed for a career in the construction industry. Click here to search for relevant training courses near you.

Employers who want to hear from you

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Organisations who can help you with your next steps towards a job in construction

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Here is how to claim your Step into Construction digital badge

Follow the ‘Sign up for your City & Guilds digital badge’ link within the Step into Construction course (you can go back to the course, even if you have finished it, on the dedicated webpage).

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Once you have claimed your badge, you can showcase your achievement on social media and include it in your CV when looking for a job.