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  • Installation, Service and Maintenance of Environmental Technology Systems (2399)

    Responding to the need for domestic-scale low carbon and envirornmentally friendly technologies, these qualifications act as Continuing Professional Development for qualified electricians, plumbers and mechanical engineers who wish to broaden their skills. They provide in-depth knowledge of environm

    Level 3

  • Jewellery Manufacturing (7679)

    This qualification will provide proof of a basic practical ability, knowledge and understanding of jewellery making at the standard recognised by employers in goldsmithing and allied trades. This qualification is part of the apprenticeship framework.

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (VCQs) (4270)

    For people working on maintaining and repairing vehicles (such as cars, vans, trucks or motorycles) who would like to demonstrate their competence on their own workplace. Learners can progress from their first workshop repair job to a supervisory role in a small family-run

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (VRQs) (4290)

    These qualifications are for anyone interested in starting or developing a career in the motor industry, whether you want to maintain and repair different types of vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, or even motorcycles), fit and replace parts and tyres, run your own car valeting business or work on hybri

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  • Vehicle Parts and Vehicle Sales (VCQs) (4150)

    These qualifications are aimed at anyone working in dealerships, specialist sales centres and independent garages in a vehicle sales or vehicle parts role who would like to prove to employers and customers that their performance meets the standard expected of a competent vehicle sales/parts professi

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Introductory Qualifications in Vehicle Systems, Body and Paint Maintenance and Cycle Mechanics (3902)

    Learn the basics of repairing or refinishing any type of vehicles with these introductory vehicle systems, body and paint maintenance and cycle mechanics qualifications. You'll learn the basic skills you need to enrol in more advanced qualifications, and then get a job in a garage or body shop. Yo

    Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2 SCQF 3

  • Knowledge of Employee Rights and Responsibilities for the Automotive Sector (4277)

    This qualification is part of all automotive apprenticeship frameworks in England and Wales and will enable learners to develop an understanding of the automotive industry and the role of their organisation within the industry. Understand their role within the organisation and their rights and res

    Level 2

  • Electrical Power Engineering (2343)

    These SCQF level 5 & 6 knowledge and competence qualifications cover all the essential knowledge and skills needed to work in electrical power engineering and to specialise in overhead lines, substation plants or underground cables, which is considered to be a credit based qualifications.&n

    Level 5 Level 6 SCQF 5

  • Occupational Health and Safety (3654)

    Please note that in September 2016 the current 3654-05 Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice will be replaced by 3654-06. The qualification (under the same name) has been updated in line with new IOSH requirements and includes a new range of units. Level 3 NVQ Certi

    Level 3 Level 5

  • Electrical Power Engineering (2339)

    These qualifications are for those who work or would like to work in the Power industry and are available for job roles from wind turbine to meter installation. They include qualifications at levels 2 & 3 and some SCQF level 5 & 6. More SCQF Power Engineering can be

    Level 2 Level 3 SCQF 6

  • Winter Service Operations (6159)

    These qualifications assess your skills and ability in preparing and operating winter services vehicles and equipment. Successful candidates will be eligible to obtain a NEREO operative or supervisor's qualification registration card, endorsed with the appropriate category, valid for a five-year per

    No Level

  • Domestic Natural Gas (6034)

    The NVQ in Domestic Natural Gas Maintenance - non ACS aligned is designed for people working with domestic gas appliances and systems. The qualification covers the skills needed to work with natural gas including designing and planning natural gas systems, service and maintenance.

    Level 3

  • Motor Vehicle Engineering (3905)

    City & Guilds mechanic courses provide everything you need to know to become a great motor vehicle mechanic. IVQs in Motor Vehicle Engineering are for anyone outside the UK who wants to increase their skills as a motor vehicle mechanic or technician (we have a range of alternative options if you

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 5

  • Vehicle Accident Repair (SCQF VRQs) (4391)

    These qualifications are for anyone interested in starting or developing a career in the motor industry in accident repair maintaining and repairing the paint and bodywork of a vehicle. Whether you want to start your first body workshop job or to progress to a role where you supervis

    SCQF 5 SCQF 6

  • Vehicle Accident Repair (VCQs) (4271)

    For people working on maintaining and repairing the paint and bodywork of vehicles or as vehicle damage assessors who would like to demonstrate their competence on their own workplace.

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Automotive Maintenance and Repair (4101)

    The NVQs allow you to prove that you have the skills to maintain and repair vehicles - from mechanical and electrical work, re-sprays, bodywork and tyre fitting, to getting stranded motorists back on the road again. These practical qualifications demonstrate your skills on the job, in your own w

    Level 1 Level 3

  • Automotive Apprenticeships (9420)

    Our Automotive Apprenticeships provide learners with knowledge and skills in specialist areas of expertise while gaining knowledge of the wider automotive profession. Areas include vehicle maintenance and repair, roadside recovery to vehicle body and paint. Please note: Key Skills (3638) closed

    Level 2 Level 3

  • Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy (3001)

    Our certificates and diplomas are designed to build on your interest and passion for the hair and beauty industry, covering a wide range of skills from  styling, plaiting and twisting to make-up or nail art.

    Entry 3 Level 1

  • SVQs in Hairdressing and Barbering (6009)

    To gain the skills you need to work in a hairdressing salon or barber shop, our SVQs cover a wide range of skills from shampooing, cutting, perming and styling to advanced colour correction.

    SCQF 5 SCQF 6

  • Hair and Beauty SCQF (6909)

    This suite of Hair and Beauty qualifications covers a range of knowledge and skills at various levels to support career progression within the industry.  

    SCQF 4 SCQF 5 SCQF 7

  • Hairdressing and Barbering (3008)

    To gain the skills you need to work in a hairdressing salon or barber shop -our certificates and diplomas cover a wide range of skills  from shampooing, cutting, perming and styling to advanced colour correction.

    Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

  • Contact Dermatitis Prevention (6911)

    Our Award is designed for learners that spend time with wet hands or use chemicals - perhaps shampooing hair, washing and preparing food, cleaning or working in an engineering job, to learn  how to protect yourself from contact dermatitis.

    Level 2

  • Higher Professional Qualifications in Technical Salon Management (5450)

    Our awards, certificates and diplomas in this high-level qualification,  are for those looking to run their own hair or beauty salons.   They cover a wide range of skills from the creation of a hairstyle collection, salon management, laser and light treatments, fashion, theatrical and

    Level 3 Level 4

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