Stepping into your next job in digital technologies

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So what’s next?

At City & Guilds, we are passionate about supporting people to develop skills that help them into a job.

Which is why we are teaming up with organisations across the UK to help you map out your next steps to a start a career in digital technologies.

Develop the technical and professional skills needed for a career in the digital and IT sector. Click here to search for relevant training courses near you.

IBM SkillsBuild

If you are interested in preparing for a role in digital and IT, the IBM SkillsBuild is a great place to go next to get more skills and knowledge.

It is a free digital platform that gives you the opportunity to develop technology and professional skills, regardless of your background, education or life experiences. It is focused on digital and it provides a wide range of high-quality content from many different leading providers.

Here is how it works:


You start by assessing your skills and personality against job roles.


SkillsBuild then sets out different learning paths for you to complete around careers which are likely to match your skills and personality, like Customer Service Representative, Web Developer or Cybersecurity Professional.

Get a badge

Once you have completed a learning path, you will earn externally recognised badges. You can then add these badges to your CV to show to any employer what skills you have.

Additional support

You can also get additional support in form of guidance from IBM mentors and enhanced access to the SkillsBuild platform through IBM’s partner organisations for free. The enhanced access includes access to project based learning, innovation camps, certifications, additional learning pathways and wrap around support into work.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Top tip:
    If you don’t have a LinkedIn, Google or Facebook id, create an IBMid to get started. Register at dedicated webpage.
  2. Top tip:
    The InnerGenius assessment takes about an hour and will suggest possible learning paths. If you already know what you want to do, you can skip this step and go straight to the learning
  3. Top tip:
    Have a look at the Quick Tour to get familiar with the site before your start.
    Follow the suggested learning path or, a good place to start, is the “Foundations: Working in a Digital World”.
  4. Top tip:
    Make sure you showcase your City & Guilds Step into Digital Technologies badge and all your SkillsBuild learning. Search IBM roles on the dedicated webpage.
  5. Top tip:
    For mentoring support: Click on ‘Recommendations’ at the top of the screen and then ‘Mentoring’ on the dedicated webpage
    For opportunities to work on projects: connect with any of IBM UK partners.



Sortyourfuture is a career discovery platform for people who need to discover career pathways and choose the right one based on their interests and strengths.

‘We’re on a mission to make sure everyone has access to the best opportunities - opportunities that are suited to them - based on their potential, not their past. We expose our users to over 1000 job types in a fun and simple way, making the experience looking for their next job an enjoyable one.’

Get Started

Here is how to claim your Step into Digital Technologies digital badge

Follow the ‘Sign up for your City & Guilds digital badge’ link within the Step into Digital Technologies course (you can go back to the course, even if you have finished it, on the dedicated webpage).

Or get in touch with us so that we can help.

Once you have claimed your badge, you can showcase your achievement on social media and include it in your CV when looking for a job.