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Explore training and skills development opportunities to build successful careers in areas from welding and fabrication to aeronautical engineering and beyond

With sustainability now at the top of the agenda and processes and technologies constantly changing, this is an exciting time to be involved in engineering at any level. Whether it's starting a new career or staying up to date with the latest industry trends as an experienced professional, training and upskilling are more important than ever.

We offer qualifications, programmes and skills solutions across sub-sectors from mechanical to nuclear engineering, all developed with the support of employers and industry experts, making sure that our learners have the skills and knowledge that employers and the sector itself need.

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An engineering apprentice's path to success

millie engineering coverAfter completing her A-levels and leaving sixth form, Millie Norman wanted to continue to develop her knowledge of engineering and the nuclear sector and chose to apply for an apprenticeship to help her gain real-life experience while learning.

Now in her second year of a Nuclear Welding Inspection apprenticeship, Millie is already seeing the benefits, from networking and mentoring opportunities to chances to improve her practical skills.

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Forging the talent of tomorrow

With new technologies constantly emerging, reforms to post-16 qualifications in England and the ongoing race to meet government net-zero targets, providers, learners and employers need to be prepared to adapt in order to succeed.

The impact of higher sustainability standards is being felt across every sector and Engineering is no exception. In our The Future is Green webinar, we explore the changes that we have made and continue to make to our qualifications in response to government net-zero targets and our own ESG goals. Across sub-sectors from electrical to railway engineering we know there will be new expectations so we're working with employers, providers and industry decision makers to help prepare learners for a greener engineering sector.

To learn more about our sustainable qualifications visit our Green Skills and Sustainability page.

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transport qual reforms thumbnailThe post-16 qualification landscape is changing in England. The DfE changes aim to more effectively support people to directly move onto high-skilled jobs, or through progression into good quality higher education courses. To learn more about these changes and the support available visit the Qualification reform in England.

You'll find key resources on:
  • how these changes may affect curriculum planning
  • types of qualifications to be funded
  • downloadable sector overviews

Explore the qualifications reforms

construction digital credentialDigital credentials offer an opportunity to share new skills and accomplishments online with peers, potential employers, and customers. Data-rich and secure Digital credentials are shaping the way we showcase skills on social media platforms like LinkedIn and business websites. Collect, share, and showcase training and skills development with Digital credentials.

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Engineering skills: The present and Future

The Navigating the UK Skills Challenges podcast explores the role we all have to play in closing the UK skills gap. In this podcast we explore alongside Craig Smith, Managing Director at Gen2, how employers and training providers can embrace innovation and nurture talent to ensure this sector revolutionises our economy.

For further information about the material quoted in this episode visit Navigating the UK Skills Challenges Podcast.

Expert solutions and personalised support

Learn more about our specialist teams who are available to support you at every point of your skills development journey.

Business Development Managers

If you are an existing customer, please contact your Business Development Manager to discuss our range of qualifications and services.

If you are a new customer interested in offering our products or services get in touch with our expert sales team who are on hand to discuss and support you through the approval process.

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Technical support

Our technical advisors have a wealth of experience in their dedicated sectors, and in education delivery. They are on-hand to provide flexible solutions and advice for your programme delivery. Visit our technical advisors to learn more.


TA Alex Loney

Alex Loney

Technical Advisor for Engineering & Manufacturing

Prior to joining City & Guilds, Alex’s role was Programme Leader in Engineering at a Further Education College.

With an industry background of working in the Aerospace supply chain sector, Alex moved into a training role before venturing in to teaching. Alex is passionate about engineering education and champions the empowerment of individuals to understand and apply the principles of engineering. Alex finds fulfilment in nurturing the next generation of engineers, fostering their curiosity, and preparing them for impactful contributions to society through innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Alex is the Technical Advisor for Engineering and Manufacturing, focusing predominantly on T-Levels.

Find out more about Alex on the Technical Advisor page or email directly on


TA Kimberley Raw

Kimberly Raw

Technical Advisor for Engineering & Manufacturing

Kimberley gained a City and guilds Apprenticeship in machining straight out of school where she worked in the manufacturing industry. Kimberley gained experience carrying out manual machining and CNC programming setting, operating for over 10 years. This work was mainly in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and plastics. Over her time in industry, Kimberley’s work included producing CAD drawings, carrying out inspection and quality control and setting up manufacturing cells. Kimberley made the move into FE education delivering a range of mechanical and manufacturing qualifications from level 1 up to access to HE and apprenticeships.

“The TA role came up and I thought yes, that’s for me, the best of both worlds, Engineering which I love and education where I can make a difference.”

Kimberley provides technical support for engineering and manufacturing qualifications, mainly covering apprenticeships.

Find out more about Kimberly on the Technical Advisor page or email directly on

Employer Client Managers

At City & Guilds, we understand the challenges faced by employers and the need to quickly adapt to changes in the industry. As your organisation evolves and diversifies we'll provide tailored services and talent development strategies to drive your business growth.

Get in touch with our client managers to discuss skills development strategies and challenges, visit the client support page to learn more.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team are available to provide solutions to general enquiries and online platform support.

0192 4930 800 (option 5)

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Skills Bootcamp funding for engineering training

Skills Bootcamps are funded, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks for adults aged 19 or over that provide an opportunity to build up valuable sector-specific skills based on local employer demand and to offer a direct path to a job on completion.

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Level up with Leadership and Management skills

As you progress in your career, having the skills, knowledge and behaviours to lead and manage teams and projects is paramount to organisational success. ILM offers leadership and management programmes ranging from levels 2 to 3, to develop the skills needed for team leaders, supervisors, junior managers, senior managers and leadership roles.

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